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History of slots

Believe it or not, slot machines already existed in the 19th century. They were designed by inventors of the time – science, technology and slot machines were very popular then. In some countries, these machines were placed in existing casinos, where they complemented the range of existing gambling games.

For a time in the United States, it was illegal to pay out money through a slot machine. The operators then programmed the machines so that instead of money you got paid out in fruit chewing gum or fruit candies. The flavors you could win back then are the symbols (cherry, lemon, grapes and so on) that you still see on various slot machines today.

Of course, slot machines have gone through many changes since then. From the luminous, beautifully decorated cabinets of the 1950s to the first video games of the 1980s. Today, many online slot machines are often as beautiful and complicated as computer games. And they have long since stopped paying out candy – one lucky spin on a slot machine can win you thousands of dollars.

How do slots work?

Both a physical slot machine and an online slot machine work with spinning reels (“reels”) on which there are symbols. Whenever the player activates the slot machine these reels spin very quickly. They come to a stop at a random spot. The symbols you see on the screen at that moment determine whether you have won. Often, a pair of the same symbols in a row (for example, three lemons on reels 1, 2 and 3) will give you a win.

 But many modern sweepstakes slots or slot machines are extra fun dressed up and offer great bonuses and benefits. Here you play with bonus reels, jackpots, re-spins, extra mini-games, Wilds (joker symbols), appropriate background music and much more.

Below you will see step by step how it works at an online casino:

  • Choose a slot machine with an attractive RTP
  • Determine your budget and choose your bet per spin
  • Adjust the necessary game settings
  • Let the reels spin and wait for the outcome
  • Any winnings are paid out.

Before choosing a game to play, though, there are a number of factors to consider. After all, by no means every slot machine is the same and has equally high odds of winning.

How do you choose the right online Sweepstakes slot?

To begin with, it is good to look at the RTP of the slot machine. This stands for Return To Player, also known as the theoretical payout percentage. On average, the RTP of a good slot machine is around 96%, so keep this in mind when choosing a slot.

Another thing to look out for is the volatility of the slot machine. The higher it is, the smaller your chances of winning a prize. However, if you do win a prize, it will be significantly higher than that of a slot machine with low volatility. If you like to take risks, then choose a slot machine with high volatility. If you prefer to play safe, then you should choose a slot machine with low or medium volatility.

Once you’ve decided what RTP and volatility you’re going for, you can see how much you want to bet per round of play. A round of play in an online slot machine is also often called a spin or spin. The betting range is different in every slot machine and depends on which software provider developed the slot, but often the minimum bet is around $0.10 and you can bet up to $50. However, there are also exceptions; for example, in some online slots you can bet up to $500.

High volatility slots are very popular with players and therefore many of the slot machines produced are high volatility. Many people are attracted by the large fluctuations in the payouts of high volatility slots. The thing to keep in mind with these games is that the volatility is usually high in the bonus games and free spins as well, so there is no guarantee that you will spin a big win in the bonus game or during the free spins round.

Types of online Sweepstakes slots

What makes online slots and slot machines so fun is that new titles are constantly being added. Game developers try to impress players every time, competing with other providers. They come up with new themes, go to work with the most beautiful animations and graphics, choose a catchy soundtrack and provide innovative gameplay with additional features.

There are quite a few types of online slots on the market today. Which ones there are and what exactly they entail you will read below.

Slot machines

These are the classic slots that consist of 3 reels with symbols such as cherries, bells and 7s. These slots are tremendously simple in terms of gameplay and graphics. To win, simply land 3 of the same symbols next to each other in a row. Therefore, slot machines usually do not contain bonus games or special features.

Online slots and video slots

In online casinos there are a lot of video slots, also called online slots. These slots offer an immersive and entertaining experience through beautiful 3D graphics and a good story. Players are often given a task or mission to complete at the intro you see during startup.

Video slot themes vary widely from ancient Egypt to movies, series and even rock bands. Well-known online slots include Lucky Leprechaun, Book of Ra and Halloween.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah are unprecedentedly popular. This is because with these types of slots you can win a huge amount of money. As long as the jackpot does not fall, the prize pool increases a little with every wager made. The main prize of such a jackpot sometimes even runs into millions of dollars. Thus, the more wagers are made, the bigger the jackpot becomes. The lucky person who wins the jackpot also goes home with the entire amount.

Cluster Pays

Years ago already, software providers Play ‘n Go invented Cluster Pays. With these, there is no mention of reels and rows. Win lines are also absent. Instead, you get a matrix of usually 5×5 to 7×7 symbols, with which you need to form clusters to win cash. Different shapes, such as a hexagon, are also possible.

A cluster is a group of symbols horizontally or vertically adjacent to each other. Which pattern it follows doesn’t matter. Nor does where exactly the cluster is formed on the playing field. What is certain is that the bigger this cluster is, the more you can win with it.

You can often find Cluster Pays slots in combination with an avalanche mechanism, i.e. with exploding symbols. You can then not infrequently receive extra rewards for multiple consecutive winning clusters. So there is a lot to win with Cluster Pays games.


In 2016, game maker Big Time Gaming came out with a then brand new concept, namely the Megaways. Since then, there is virtually no reputable game maker to be found that does not hold a Megaways license. Indeed, this mechanism has become incredibly popular, and definitely a keeper.

Megaways have a fixed number of reels (usually 6), but alternating rows (usually 3-7). Exactly how many rows are active can vary per play round and even per reel. Usually a maximum of 117,649 different win ways can be formed. So a mega-upgrade compared to the more traditional slot machine, which usually has 20-25 win lines.

The top prize on a Megaways slot machine is no mean feat either. Prizes here range from 10,000x to as much as +100,000x. Entertaining as far as animations and features go, these games are often entertaining as well.

Exclusive slot machines

In order to stand out and attract players, many casinos have chosen to offer exclusive slot machines in their casinos, i.e. unique slot machines that cannot be played at any competitor. The range of exclusive slots looks a little different between different gaming companies. Some have invested in a large exclusive selection, others have chosen to have only a few exclusive games.

It is not uncommon for the exclusive games to be specially made to suit an individual gaming company, for example by having the gaming company’s logo be included as a symbol on the wheels.

However, exclusive games do not have to be specially designed for the gaming company. For example, it is common for gambling companies to have exclusive pre-launches of slots. In this way, the gambling company’s members get the chance to try certain slots before all others before the slots are released to all casinos.

Popular themes of slots online

The themes of video slots are thus very diverse. You are guaranteed to find these themes in most online gambling sites:

  • Ancient Egypt: popular games with this theme are Book of Dead, The Mummy, Legacy of Dead and Cleopatra.
  • An Asian theme: recommended games are Koi Princess, Lucky Dragons, 5 Lion Megaways and 88 Fortunes.
  • Superhero theme: examples include Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Justice League and The Avengers.
  • Other themes: animals, adventure, sports, space, cars, etc.

Playing sweepstakes slots on mobile devices

Mobile gambling is one of the fastest growing sectors in the casino industry. The continuous development of mobile technologies allows software providers to release their most popular games on this platform as well. This allows players worldwide to play their favorite game wherever and whenever they want.

It does not matter whether you are using iOS or Android. Mobile casinos are compatible with virtually any smartphone or tablet. Through your device’s browser, you can simply log in to your favorite casino and start playing right away.

Many casinos these days even have a gambling app that can be downloaded for free through the App Store or Google Play. Whether you choose the casino’s mobile site or the app. In all cases, all games run fine on both platforms.

    Playing online slots at online sweepstakes casino sites

    With all the different themes, features and game types, it is not surprising that online slots are among the most popular casino games. Thanks to mobile casinos, you as a player can also play your favorite slots games wherever you are and whenever you want. Also, many online casinos offer free spins bonus that allow you to increase your chances of winning, trigger bonus features or participate in slots tournaments.

    At each online casino you can find hundreds of slots to try out. The choice is yours which type of slots you want to play. In our online casino reviews you will find information for each Dutch online casino about their slots offerings.

    Sweepstakes slots strategy

    Like all games in the casino, online slots is a game of chance; thus, you have no influence on the outcome of a round of play. However, to give you the best possible chance of winning and to give you an enjoyable playing experience, you may want to take advantage of these tips:

    • Play only at reliable online casinos.
    • Choose an online slot machine with a high RTP.
    • Try out classic and modern slots.
    • Try slots from different providers.
    • Take advantage of bonus money or free spins.
    • Set yourself a budget and stop playing on time.
    • Bonuses for online slots

    Playing online slots is incredibly attractive, thanks in part to the bonus money you often get from online casinos. In fact, at most online casinos, you will be showered with casino bonuses.

    For example, you often receive free spins as soon as you create an account or you can earn them in special tournaments run by the casino. You are also often rewarded with bonuses the more money you wager in slots. Other gambling sites even offer the opportunity to earn points that you can redeem for certain bonuses and freebies, such as free spins.

    However, there are conditions attached to these bonuses. Always read these bonus terms carefully before using or not using the bonus.

    How an online slot tournament works?

    Usually the tournament is on one or more selected online slots and can last anywhere from an hour to several weeks. At some companies you have to register for the tournament to participate, at others it is sufficient to meet the qualifying conditions to take part. It is common to have to wager a minimum amount per spin or play a certain number of rounds to qualify for the tournament.

    How is the winner chosen? There are different ways, but here are some variations:

    • The winner is the player with the best net win over 20 consecutive spins.
    • The winner is the one who has won the most on a single spin during the tournament.
    • Most rounds played wins.

    You don’t have to keep track of your results yourself. This is done automatically. You can follow the progress of the tournament in a leaderboard. The advantage of participating in a slots tournament is that it’s fun to compete against others while having the chance to win great prizes. In addition, in many tournaments you can also win money on the game itself while you play, so even if you don’t win a prize you can still be in the black.

    There are also free tournaments, but the prizes in these tend to be much lower. But they are a good option if money is tight.

    Advantages of playing slots online

    The biggest advantage of online slots is that the choice is endless. There are lots of slots to choose from, there are almost any number of variations. Most gambling companies offer more than 500 different slots on their sites. These often contain fun bonus games and special features that make playing extra fun. The bonus games also vary enormously, making it hard to get bored of online slots as there is something for everyone.

    The payback is also much better if you play online. You also don’t have to wait in line for your turn, online the popular slots are always available.

    Actually, you can list as many advantages as you want to play slots online on your computer. Here are more advantages:

    Bigger jackpots
    New games are launched more often
    You can play wherever and whenever you want thanks to mobile casinos – wearing pyjamas if you wish.
    You can access the casino from the comfort of your couch.

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    What is an online slot?

    Online slots are virtual versions of the traditional slot machines found in land-based casinos. They operate on a random number generator and have several reels with symbols that spin when the player hits the ‘spin’ button. The aim of playing online slots is to match up a winning combination of symbols on an active payline or combinations of paylines, resulting in a payout depending on the bet placed.

    Are online slots safe?

    Yes, online slots are very safe and secure as long as you only play at licensed and regulated operators. Your personal information should be kept safe and encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) technology and all online slots should be regularly tested by independent gaming authorities like eCOGRA to ensure fairness.

    How can I win at online slots?

    The only sure way to make a profit while playing online slots is to increase your chances of winning by understanding the game’s rules and features, knowing how much money you can afford to wager, using bonus offers wisely, and choosing games with higher RTPs (return-to-player rates). You should also always check whether there are any jackpots available that could drastically increase your potential rewards.

    What types of bonuses do online casinos offer for slot players?

    Online casinos often offer generous bonuses for slot players, such as welcome bonuses, free spins and reload bonuses. Welcome bonuses involve a match-up percentage of your first deposit amount so you get more money to play with. Free spins are usually credited to specific games and can be used for a certain number of times. Reload bonuses award players for making repeated deposits and are often accompanied by other rewards like loyalty points or cashbacks.

    What is the best online slot game?

    This will depend on each player’s preferences as different people prefer different themes, features and volatility levels. Some popular titles include Starburst, Book of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest and Sweet Bonanza but there are thousands more out there to explore! Have fun browsing and trying out all the options and find what works best for you.