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88 Fortunes: theme

Mentioned in the first instance, the theme of the 88 Fortunes game evokes precisely the oriental countries, being more precise to mention China as its source of inspiration. The symbolisms present in the game are obtained from this country, such as the red and golden colors, which together are usually related to abundance and riches in Asian countries.

In itself, the multi-platform online sweepstakes game does not present any kind of story to tell, being simply an opportunity to try your luck and win some money like any other conventional bar slot.

It is worth mentioning at this point that the game was conceived by SG Gaming, a company that creates lottery games very well known and with a wide trajectory, being the 88 Fortunes slot one of its best known games and that started to be distributed in Asia some time ago, arriving today to this part of the world where it is being very well received. Here is the official video of the 88 Fortunes game.

88 fortunes slot interface - base game

88 Fortunes – Interface

Origins of its name

The name of the 88 Fortunes slot itself comes from the type of bet that can be placed on the bar slot, as the maximum bet in the game is 8.80 credits or 88 credits. You have the possibility to play much lower games, however the paytable information of the classic slot indicates that you have more chances to crack the big jackpot at higher bet levels.

 How 88 Fortunes works?

As soon as you start the 88 Fortunes slot game you will see a screen with 5 reels and three rows (5×3 configuration), finding on the left side of the screen an exclusive area for credits, where you can modify your bet according to your preference.

On the right side of the screen you will find the button that spins the slot machine, game configuration buttons (sound and information about the game played) and indicators of the bet you place.

With this in consideration, it can be mentioned then that the objective of the 88 Fortunes game is to obtain certain winning combinations of symbols by spinning the reels, being necessary to play correctly by following the next steps:

Select your bet, being able to adjust this in the credits buttons and in its lower section with the + and – buttons, to increase or decrease the value of the bet as convenient;
Once configured, press the button that spins the reels to start, being this the button that shows a single circular arrow;

Within the game there are 243 ways to win money, being able to access the paytable within the same slot so you can know what is the configuration of golden symbols that you must take out in a spin (and its disposition within the reels) to generate a certain percentage that adjusts to what you have bet. Simple, don’t you think?
As long as the symbol to be matched is adjacent to the other similar symbols you have bet on, it doesn’t matter in which position they are. Anyway, within the same application or 88 Fortunes system you can also find a help section where it is specified how you can play and win.

88 fortunes slot - paytable symbols

88 Fortunes – Paytable

Paying Symbols

After mentioning the above, there are still certain aspects that are difficult to understand, such as the paying symbols. These symbols are precisely those figures that appear in each one of the 5×3 reels that the 88 Fortunes slot displays, so you will find: You count with classic symbols such as 9, 10, J, K and Q that are worth one coin. These pay 50 coins on a payline. Accounts with specific symbols specific to the game as well as they are:

  • The ships, paying up to 500 coins for 5 on a payline;
  • The gongs, being a bonus symbol;
  • The turtles, paying up to 400 coins for 5 on a payline;
  • Eagles, paying up to 1000 coins for 5 on a payline.

These aforementioned symbols are the ones that vary the most in value, being able to obtain from 2 to 88 coins (see the paytable below). It is also possible to find symbols of Chinese coins and other symbols typical of the culture that give a much more oriental feeling to the game.

In addition, there is a symbol known as Fu Bat, whose main function is to act as a wild symbol. This means that this symbol is capable of substituting another special symbol and thus provide you with a winning configuration, being this one recognizable for having a Chinese character surrounded by 4 bats.

It is also possible to observe the four Fu babies symbols within the game, which represent the Grand, Major, Mini and Minor icons so common in slot games.

Bonus Features

In this game there are two additional jackpot features, very popular among players, especially in the physical version of the game. We are talking about the Fu Bat jackpot and the free spins feature offered in the game.

Fu-Bat Jackpot

Whenever you get the symbol of the lucky bat (or Fu-Bat) on the board, you can get an interesting jackpot that depends directly on the number of special icons that have appeared in the game. In the event that you have chosen to get a much bigger prize, you will see that a new pop-up window will appear where 12 gold coins will be displayed, being necessary to click on them until you uncover three of them, showing 3 Fu babies that must match to win the jackpot.

Free spins

Within the game, you can also get a bonus of 10 free spins if 3 scatter symbols appear on screen, this symbol being the Gong. The good thing about this bonus is that it is cumulative, and you can collect another 10 free spins if this symbol appears 3 more times in another spin.

Free Spins triggered screenshot

88 Fortunes – Free Spins Round

Other Winning Combinations

Apart from matching the golden bat symbol with the other golden symbols to get the number specified in the bet and getting a gong symbol for more free spins, there are really no other combinations than those normally described for winning in the 88 fortunes slot.

With 243 ways to win, as long as you collect the specified number of symbols in a row, it is more than likely that you can win some money.

Jackpots in 88 Fortunes

Also referred to simply as Jackpot, these jackpots are the additional prizes that you can win by playing any particular slot or casino game. In the case of the 88 Fortunes slots in the Spanish slot machines, you will find that you have 4 different jackpots to which you can have access, being able to opt for all four if you play to get 5 gold symbols which is the maximum bet within the game.

Mentioned in the bonus section, the Fu-Bat jackpot is able to give you up to a maximum of 200,000 to 250,000 coins (in some cases) within the game to get the big jackpot, being able to get approximately 75,000 coins with the biggest jackpot, 3750 coins with the smallest jackpot and 2000 coins with the mini jackpot.

To access all the jackpots within a game it is necessary to obtain more than one bonus symbol within the game (Fu-Bat symbol).

88 fortunes various jackpots with maximum stake of 88

88 Fortunes – Jackpots at maximum stake

Betting limits, RPT and volatility

Regarding the free 88 Fortunes game, you can see that the maximum betting limit is 88 coins per spin, being the minimum bet you can place 0.88 coins.

In the Chinese culture, the number 8 by itself is indicative of good fortune, finding that 88 is a special number to denote good luck in that country, being the basis and the main reason why the betting revolves around this particular number.

It is well known that the Chinese have a high degree of superstition and love for games of chance, being fervent proof of it this game filled with so much tradition and mysticism of this eastern land.

You can bet on this 88 fortunes slot machine as much as you want and wish, being as such the betting limit the one you stipulate and wish to bet. After all, this is a game in which you only need one player and enough chips or money to bet and win.

88 Fortunes RTP Value

Also known as return to player, the RTP is a value that helps you determine how much money the gaming machine intends to return to the player, finding that this value is mostly expressed as a percentage. The higher the RTP percentage on a slot, the higher the chances of winning when using the machine to play with no deposit bonuses.

In the case of online slots, it is not uncommon to find an RTP around 95% and above, so you can see that, in the case of 88 Fortunes, its RTP is 96%. This means that you have a total of 96% of getting back the money you invest playing, being a little higher than the average in relation to online slots.

Game Volatility

Unlike the previously mentioned RTP, volatility is a game data that is not represented in a numerical way, being this a rather statistical term that denotes the average between prizes and spins. In other words, volatility refers to the level of latent risk in a game of chance, directly relating the number of times you bet with the number of times you win a prize.

The higher the volatility of the game, the higher the probabilities of not winning in a row with each spin of the machine, thus glimpsing that the volatility of the 88 Fortunes game is particularly high due to its 5×3 barrels configuration.

That the 88 Fortunes game has a high volatility means that you will be able to get higher prizes than other similar slot games. However, these prizes will come as a surprise and with quite large time distances compared to other games.

88 Fortunes Tricks

The only Chinese trick to win at 88 Fortunes slots is simply to really know the RTP that the machine manages. In the case of the 88 Fortunes online, this RTP is the one mentioned above, finding particular variants in the physical machines in view of the fact that the online casinos in Spain have to win a higher percentage when you go to play. If you get an 88 Fortunes casino cabinet machine, find out how much is its RTP percentage to know if it really suits you.

Otherwise, little more can be said about 88 Fortunes tricks without commenting on the various strategies that you can develop to predict the algorithm used by the program to get the results, being necessary to do a probabilistic study based on some spins to predict when is the best time to spin or press the spin button. More than that can not be done!

Graphics and Animation

The simplicity in the animation of the game helps to make it easy to understand, finding that there are not many differences if compared to any other online slot game. In other words, it enjoys a quite fluid and light animation that pleases the eye.

In terms of graphics, the 3D symbols can be appreciated quite easily and aesthetically, with really appreciable drawings that irrefutably evoke China and all its customs.

Enjoying a red background and golden symbols (together with the traditional symbols of the slots), it is really hard not to turn your eyes to this game that has an interesting dynamic and a little bit different from the usual, which gives you more combinations to win and therefore more fun and chance within the game.

Being a game created by a company like WMS, it is not surprising that its graphic section is at the height when it comes to online slots.

Audio and Music

As for the sound emitted by the game itself, it has to be said that it is quite clear and relaxing. With a simple musical thread of air instruments, it is really very easy to be transported to the villages of ancient China, enjoying that feeling of relaxation and peace typical of this traditional Asian music.

The 88 Fortunes slot music is designed to help you concentrate on the game, something very well received by those who are easily distracted in these environments.

The air instruments that accompany the music within the game are also joined by other sounds of instruments characteristic of China, which makes you feel a much more Asian aura in relation to other similar slot games.


It is proven that this free slot game is really very difficult to predict unless you have a certain level of knowledge in probabilities, thus having a particularly high percentage of chance that ensures you can get your money back with the best of luck.

If you add to this a 96% RTP (which implies that the machine will return 96% of the money it receives to its users), then you have a good margin to play 88 Fortunes both in a casino and online. It is recommended that you play!

However, keep in mind that you will have to play in those virtual sites you trust to avoid scams and counterfeits of the 88 Fortunes software that will only make you lose money without any refunding character.


88 fortunes featured thumbnail

Title88 Fortunes Megaways
DeveloperSG DIgital
Bonus GameYes
Max Win2,200 x bet

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