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If you reside in a state where online casinos are not legal, you might assume that you’re unable to participate in casino games. However, nearly every state offers alternatives. Social casinos present an opportunity for anyone, regardless of their geographical location, to enjoy the thrill of slot games and table games.

Interestingly, some of the nation’s leading casinos offer social casinos that serve as free versions of their paid sites. These platforms also serve as a means to incentivize potential customers. In some instances, it’s possible to earn real-world rewards and benefits through your gameplay. At the very least, you can familiarise yourself with some of the games you’d encounter in the actual casinos.

The guide below introduces you to the top social casino gaming options in the US. Each of these sites is a solid choice, so feel free to try them all and let your personal preferences guide your decision on where to play.

 Is it possible to win real money at social casinos?

While social casinos don’t involve real money, players can exchange their winnings for cash prizes and gift cards. The key difference between social casinos and real money online casinos is that players use virtual coins (like Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins) to play slots and table games, rather than betting real money.

There are two ways to play at social casinos:

Regular Play: In regular play, players use coins that can’t be exchanged for cash prizes. However, these coins can still be used for enjoyable gameplay and even for competing with friends. While players can purchase the coins used in regular play, it’s not necessary as they can be easily acquired through numerous bonuses.

Promotional Play: In promotional play, players use a different type of coin. The main difference is that if you win using the promotional currency, you can exchange those winnings for cash prizes (note: a certain minimum balance is required before you can redeem your winnings). Another key difference is that you can’t buy the coins used for promotional play.

These virtual coins are always free and can be obtained in various ways, such as by signing up for a social casino or receiving a daily login bonus reward. If you opt to buy the coins used in regular play, many social casinos will offer the coins used in promotional play as a free bonus.

It’s crucial to understand the difference between these two modes of play when engaging with social casinos. The operators make it easy to switch between the coins at any time.

high 5 casino virtual currencies

High 5 Casino Virtual Currencies Explained 

Best Social Casinos

The top social casinos in the US are captivating. Essentially, the only difference between the casinos listed below and a real money online casino is that your wallet isn’t getting thicker or thinner. Instead, you can enjoy hours of entertainment, and in some cases, earn some perks.

Sweeptastic Casino

Sweeptastic still doesn’t have a dedicated App. Curious about whether Sweeptastic allows you to enjoy casino-style games at no cost? Indeed, not only can you indulge in your preferred games without spending any money, but you’ll also receive an abundance of freebies, ensuring a comprehensive gaming experience!

Immediately after setting up your account, you’ll be gifted 10,000 free Lucky Coins – more than enough to explore the wide array of games and familiarise yourself with the casino.

Moreover, by completing your profile, you’ll receive an exclusive bonus offer of 17,777 additional Lucky Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins. Considering that 1 Sweeps Coin is equivalent to 1 USD, this offer is substantial! In fact, it’s one of the most generous free Sweepstakes Coins offers we’ve come across.

There’s no need to input any bonus code to claim this offer; the free coins will be automatically credited to your account.

sweeptastic casino navigation

Sweeptastic Navigation Interface 

WoW Vegas

Wow Vegas is a social gaming platform that presents a variety of visually stunning slot games. Every player who registers with Wow Vegas can acquire 1.5M WOW Coins for $9.99 (usually priced at $29.99) and 30 FREE SC. Additionally, users are granted 4.5 Sweepstakes Coins upon registration. There’s no need for any downloads with Wow Vegas, making it accessible whether you’re using a laptop or a mobile device.

Wow Vegas is accessible in nearly all states across the country, with the exceptions of Washington, Nevada, and Idaho.

wowovegas homepage

Wow Vegas Homepage UI 

McLuck Casino

Launched in early March 2023, McLuck Casino is a fresh sweepstakes casino accessible in nearly every state in the US.

At first glance, it’s clear that the site is still under development, but it already boasts an impressive game library and a generous amount of free coins for you to test out the casino.

In this review, we will delve into everything this sweepstakes gaming site has to offer, its legitimacy, and why we believe it holds immense potential. So, let’s get started!

Upon creating an account, you’ll receive 7,500 Gold Coins and 2.5 Sweepstakes Coins for free, which is more than enough to familiarise yourself with the casino games. Additionally, you can instantly claim your daily login bonus, giving you a total of 10,000 GC and 2.5 SC as a starting point.

mc luck home

McLuck Home

Are you a US resident curious about the legality of playing at Stake Casino? The quick response is yes, you can, thanks to sweepstakes casino. This fantastic no-purchase bonus can be claimed daily.

As long as you stay active, participate in quiz games, complete surveys, explore games, and so on, the social casino will reward you with 1 free Stake Cash (these are the sweepstakes coins at Stake), Gold Coins, and a 5% Rakeback.

Stake US Lobby Social Casino 

House of Fun Casino

House of Fun is a social slots platform that belongs to the Caesars group of online social casinos. If you’re aiming to enhance your profile with Playtika Rewards, House of Fun is a great choice.

But the site offers much more than that. It boasts hundreds of slot titles for you to enjoy, many of which are unique and not found on other platforms. Newcomers to House of Fun begin with 1,000 play chips and 100 complimentary spins on one of the site’s slot games. If you deplete your chips or don’t want to wait for the free bonus, you can buy more play chips starting at just $1.99.

houseoffun ui navigation

House of Fun Sweeps Casino 

MyChoice Casino

MyChoice Casino is a social casino platform owned and managed by Penn National Gaming, the company behind the Hollywood Casino chain and other properties. Similar to many social casinos, MyChoice rewards you with points and status upgrades based on your play frequency and level.

What sets MyChoice apart from other social casinos is its broad array of gaming options. It offers unique opportunities to play games like roulette, keno, and video poker for free, which is somewhat rare for online social casinos associated with land-based casino operators.

For slot enthusiasts, there’s a wide variety of slot games available. Many of the games you’ll find on MyChoice can also be played in Hollywood casinos nationwide.

Slotomania Casino

Slotomania is a vibrant and visually appealing social casino, known for its colourful and lively interface. It’s a social slots platform that you can access via mobile, browser, or even Facebook.

As the name Slotomania suggests, the site offers a plethora of games. The themes of these games range from mediaeval to cartoonish, from mythological to tributes to Elvis.

Like other games that utilise the Playtika Rewards system, many of Slotomania’s games need to be unlocked through regular and dedicated play. However, given the high-quality games available on the site, progressing through the Playtika statuses on Slotomania is likely to be an enjoyable journey.

slotomania social casinos

Slotomania Lanidng Page 

Double Down Casino

Double Down Casino distinguishes itself as one of the rare social casinos that genuinely strives to emulate the experience of a physical casino. Upon your first visit to the site, you’re placed in a lobby-like area where you must first choose the type of game you want to play before selecting a specific game.

As a result, Double Down provides a more varied experience than social casinos that only offer slots. It features video poker, bingo, roulette, and online blackjack.

What sets Double Down apart is its unique peer-to-peer poker section. You can compete for chips against players nationwide in four different types of games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 5-card draw. To add an extra layer of excitement, the site incorporates a progressive jackpot feature into these games.

double down casino landing page

Double Down Casino Landing Page

PENN Play Casino

The platform can also be accessed via its alternative domain, Hollywood Casino, another product from the PENN Entertainment, Inc. portfolio. Our in-depth review explores every facet of Penn Play Casino, from its wide variety of games and generous bonuses to its secure payment options and the convenience of remote mobile play from anywhere within the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

The captivating charm of Penn Play Casino has never been more accessible or appealing. Upon signing up, you will receive 15M coins for free. Register your account and embark on the thrilling journey of Social Casinos.

penplay casino

PenPlay Casino 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, social casinos offer a unique and engaging way for individuals to enjoy casino games, regardless of their location or the legality of online casinos in their state. These platforms provide a wide array of games, from slots to table games, and even offer the chance to earn real-world rewards. While they don’t involve real money, they do offer the thrill of casino gaming and the opportunity to develop and hone your skills.

However, it’s important to remember that while they can be a fun way to pass the time, they should be approached with a sense of responsibility and awareness of the potential downsides.

What is a social casino?

A social casino is a platform that offers casino-style games without the need for monetary investment. These games often mirror those found in real money online casinos and can be accessed via any device with a web browser.

Can you win real money at social casinos?

While social casinos don’t involve real money, players can exchange their winnings for cash prizes and gift cards. They use virtual coins to play games, not real money.

What are some of the top social casinos in the US?

Some of the top social casinos in the US include Sweeptastic Casino, WoW Vegas, McLuck Casino,, House of Fun Casino, MyChoice Casino, Slotomania Casino, Double Down Casino, and PENN Play Casino.

What are the advantages of playing social slot games?

Social casino games offer several benefits, including serving as an escape in regions where gambling is complex, allowing for extended periods of play, and providing a less intimidating environment for first-time players.

What are the drawbacks of participating in social casinos?

Drawbacks include the potential for social casinos to be a time sink, the possibility of lower quality or versatility compared to paid sites, and the risk of developing bad habits that wouldn’t translate well if real money was at stake.