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A Brief Overview

Stepping into the spotlight, BitofGold is a sweepstakes casino crafted especially for cryptocurrency aficionados. An innovative creation from the brilliant minds behind BitBetWin and BitPlay, it dangles a tempting $25 no deposit bonus. Engage with their Telegram channel and there’s an enticing $10 extra to pocket. Featuring over 330 enthralling games, players can explore titles from reputable sweepstakes platforms such as Fire Kirin, Juwa, and more. Traverse through an array of gaming experiences – be it video slots, fish games, blackjack, or other thrilling adventures.

Yet, a word to the wise: tread cautiously. Although its bonuses are magnetically attractive, BitofGold does stir up some apprehensions. Its elusive ownership details, a seemingly rushed website design, unusually lavish bonus terms, and some untested game collections call for a discerning eye when assessing the platform’s trustworthiness.

For those still contemplating delving into BitofGold’s enticing world or simply keen to understand its operations, our comprehensive guide is here to assist. We’ll diligently unpack BitofGold’s promotional offerings, shed light on their assortment of promotions, especially the no deposit bonuses, closely examine their gaming software, and reveal how you can pocket free cash. Journey with us!

Pros & Cons

✅ Alluring no deposit bonus of $25.
❌ Obscurity concerning ownership and regulatory credentials.
✅ Rich selection of promotional deals.
❌ Limited payment avenues – only Bitcoin and Doge catered.
✅ Comprehensive game assortment from diverse sweepstakes platforms.
❌ Missing game RTP information.
✅ A pioneering sweepstakes model, inviting residents from 48 US states.
❌ A website that feels hurriedly pieced together, hinting at potential stability concerns.
✅ Relatively low age limit of 18 years.

Is BitofGold a Legit Platform?, with its expansive game library and lucrative bonuses, is surely eye-catching. Nonetheless, probing deeper uncovers some unsettling points. The veiled details of the platform’s ownership, the noticeable lack of licensing, and opaque gaming offers suggest caution. Although Trustpilot remains silent on this casino, the visible cautionary signs are hard to bypass. For those hunting for a reliable sweepstakes casino, well-regarded platforms like Sweeptastic,, Pulsz Bingo, McLuck, WOW Vegas, and High 5 emerge as more dependable choices. Always make transparency and proven reputation your yardstick when selecting a gaming platform.

The No-Strings-Attached Bonus

Unlocking the BitofGold no deposit bonus is an effortless task. Forget the hustle of hunting for a promo code. Just get registered. Afterward, ping an email to, and they’ll generously credit your account with a complimentary $25.

Craving an additional $10? It’s simple; integrate with BitofGold’s Telegram channel.

Surprisingly, there’s no clear indication of game restrictions for these bonuses. A $35 no deposit offer does sound enticing but also warrants vigilance, particularly given the missing details about wagering requirements.


No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus

Bonuses and Promotional Offers at

Venture into BitofGold, and a treasure trove of bonuses and promotional deals await. Yet, the genuineness behind these offers remains under scrutiny. Let’s navigate through the multifaceted promotions and casino bonus arrangements at BitofGold:

  • No Deposit Introductory Bonus: Secure a handsome $25 just by completing the sign-up process and authenticating your account. Even better? Bonus codes are entirely optional!
  • Telegram Engagement Bonus: Want to pocket an extra $10? Connect with BitofGold on their active Telegram channel. To redeem the bonus, simply drop an email to their customer care.
  • Inaugural Deposit Bonus: Dive headfirst with your initial deposit and receive a warm welcome with a 50% deposit match, complemented with a bonus $10. The best part? No promo code hassle – it’s all automated!
  • Loyalty Bonuses on 2nd & 3rd Deposits: Loyalty bears its fruits! On your subsequent deposits, the second and third, enjoy an enriching 20% added to your funds, paired with a complimentary $15 and $25 respectively. Again, bonus codes are off the table.
  • Special Birthday Bonus: Elevate your birthday celebrations with BitofGold! Initiate a deposit on your birthday, and enjoy a generous 50% match, just to make your day brighter.
  • Morning Hour Bonus: Are you an early riser? Deposit during the prime hours of 6 am to 10 am daily and relish a 50% deposit match, setting a delightful tone for your day.
  • Friend Referral Bonus: Sharing amplifies joy! Introduce a friend who registers using your unique referral link and makes a deposit of at least $20, and both parties receive a celebratory $10.
  • Stay Social and Be Rewarded: Are you active on social platforms? BitofGold frequently announces promotional codes on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. Stay alert, and you might just snare some thrilling bonuses.
BitofGold Promotions

BitofGold Promotions An Oasis of Slot Games and Providers stands as a prominent landmark in the digital gaming universe, housing an expansive gallery of over 330 dazzling online casino entertainments. Their unique approach lies in their adeptness at procuring licenses from a myriad of sweepstakes gaming platforms. By curating and presenting them under one digital canopy, they’ve crafted a vibrant mosaic of gaming experiences. This harmonization of several gaming platforms, each preserving its distinct ethos, showers players with a vast range of games – from thrilling slots to immersive video poker, the mystery of fishing games, and the evergreen allure of age-old table games. Players are greeted with a banquet of options from the following platforms:

  • Fire Kirin
  • Blue Dragon
  • Vegas7 Games
  • Redplay
  • Ultrapower Games
  • V Power
  • Vegas-X
  • RiverMonster
  • Orion Stars
  • Milky Way
  • X-Game
  • Ultra Monster
  • Juwa
  • Golden Treasure
  • Flamingo7
  • Vegas Sweeps
  • Casino Wonderland
  • Skillmine
  • Inferno Casino
  • Game Vault
  • Ultra Panda
  • VBlink

For many venturing into this expansive realm, a sense of novelty might wash over. It’s noteworthy that several of these platforms feature games birthed by under-the-radar software artisans. There might be instances where these games haven’t undergone external validation from bodies like eCOGRA. The conspicuous absence of declared Return to Player (RTP) percentages breeds ambiguity. This shadows the gaming experience with doubts about the fairness and potential bias of game outcomes.

Yet, amidst this vast tapestry, the journey tantalizes with its myriad offerings, intertwining exhilaration with questions that resonate with the heart of a gaming adventurer.

Within the digital confines of “GoldenBits“, you’re presented with the facility to transact exclusively via cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin or Doge, to be precise. Understandably, this sole focus on digital currencies might spark some concerns. Operating purely in the crypto realm can potentially provide a shield against conventional tax implications, facilitate operations from obscure global locales, and offer a workaround against traditional transaction disputes.

Here’s a simplified walkthrough to seed your “GoldenBits” account with funds:

  1. Locate and click ‘Deposit‘ on the main interface.
  2. Select your platform of choice and then pin down the desired deposit sum.
  3. Proceed to ‘Cart’ and move on to the succeeding payment stage.
  4. Pick ‘Pay using Bitcoin’, and key in your email for transaction verification.
  5. An exclusive Bitcoin wallet address will appear on your screen. It’s vital to copy this.
  6. Open your personal Bitcoin wallet, enter the copied “GoldenBits” address, and designate the Bitcoin quantity you wish to forward.
    Conclude your transaction.

While most times, the transferred funds should ornament your “GoldenBits” balance almost instantaneously, periodic delays can occur. If the Bitcoin network is grappling with high congestion, the transaction might span over a few hours.

And, when the moment arrives to pull out your gains from “GoldenBits”, follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Withdraw‘.
  • Pick your platform preference.
  • Designate the exact sum you intend to pull out.
  • Retrieve your personal Bitcoin wallet address and input it in the designated space.
  • Seal the deal by confirming your transaction.

Final Thoughts, with its rich tapestry of gaming and a generous slew of promotional bonuses, certainly has its appeal. The allure of a $25 no deposit bonus, paired with an extensive range of games from diverse sweepstakes platforms, is a draw for many. However, the veiled ownership, the rush-job feel of the website, and the limited payment options do cast a shadow of doubt. While it offers a unique experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it’s always advised to proceed with caution, especially when there are alternative, more transparent platforms available.


What is's unique selling point? is a sweepstakes casino that exclusively caters to cryptocurrency users, offering over 330 games from various platforms and a tempting $25 no deposit bonus.

How do I avail the $25 no deposit bonus?

Just register at and send an email to Your account will be credited with $25.

Does have a clear licensing detail?

  • The platform does not provide explicit details about its ownership or licensing, which raises some concerns about its legitimacy.

Can I play games using traditional money on

No, only accepts cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin and Doge.

Are there any wagering requirements for the no deposit bonus?

As of now, there’s no clear information provided regarding the wagering requirements for the bonuses. Always read terms and conditions before committing to any platform.