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The Buffalo slot machine, developed by Aristocrat, is a favourite among players in various slot casinos due to its captivating gameplay and iconic purple Buffalo symbols. The symbols, which depict the majestic beasts charging directly from the reels, along with the shared sound effects and key gameplay elements, have been incorporated into numerous versions of the Buffalo slot game, each adding its unique twist. The difference here from standart Buffalo slots is that you use Gold Coin (GC) and Sweepstake Coins (SC) like currencies.

Several slot studios, including Chumba Casino and Luckyland Slots, have attempted to capture the charm of the Buffalo slot with their own versions like Stampede Fury. Similarly, Sweeptastic, Fortune coins, WoW Vegas, and Stake.us have also made efforts to recreate the appeal of this popular game. While these endeavours have resulted in many outstanding games, none have quite managed to emulate the original Buffalo slot’s success. The straightforward gameplay, combined with free spins and wild multipliers, has perfectly balanced player enjoyment and the potential for significant wins.

The classic Buffalo slots game can now be enjoyed at select online casinos. However, if you’re interested in the more recent versions such as Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Grand, and Buffalo Stampede, you’ll need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. 

What are the common elements in Buffalo slots?

While each variation of Buffalo slots has its unique features, there are several key aspects that all these games share. Aristocrat, the game developer, has skillfully maintained the core elements of the game to keep it engaging and familiar. By sticking close to the successful formula, each new version of Buffalo remains as appealing as the original.

Symbols: The Buffalo symbols, identifiable by their purple color, depict the silhouette of a charging buffalo. These symbols are the highest paying across all the games. They appear as single symbols and in groups on each reel. The most significant wins occur when several of these symbols appear on a reel, with at least one on each of the 5 reels. Other high-paying symbols, including an eagle, wolf, cougar, and elk, remain consistent across all games. All Buffalo slots also feature playing card symbols as fillers.

Sunset Wilds: In all versions of the game, wilds appear only on the middle three reels. These wilds, depicting a sunset over a rocky landscape, can connect several wins. Multipliers can appear on these wilds, with the rules for these slightly varying in each game variation.

All Ways Wins: Buffalo slots feature wins that trigger with matching symbols on consecutive reels from the left, instead of traditional win-lines. As long as there are no full-reel gaps, three of any symbol (and two for the highest paying ones) will trigger a win. This all-ways win system makes multiplier wilds even more valuable.

Sound Effects and Animations: While the graphics have been upgraded with each new game release, they remain recognizable as the originals. Distinctive sound effects, such as the shout of ‘Buffalo!’ When you win with these symbols, the eagle’s screech when wild multipliers are revealed, and a high-pitched sound when waiting for extra coin bonus symbols, are consistent across all games. The catchy tune used for the bonus feature is hard to forget once you’ve heard it!

buffalo sunset symbols

Buffalo Sunset Symbols & Features 

Overview of Buffalo Slot Machine Variations

This page provides an in-depth analysis of Aristocrat’s Buffalo slots. Below is a brief overview of the basic setup common to all the games, followed by the different versions.

Classic Buffalo Slots: The original game continues to hold its own against newer versions. This is currently the only version available at online casinos.

Buffalo Stampede Slots: In this version, Aristocrat has added jackpots and an expanding reels feature, which is triggered by a herd of buffalo running up the screen.

Buffalo Gold Slots: This extremely popular variant includes a collection element during the free spins bonus. As you accumulate gold heads, more animals transform into buffalo.

Buffalo Grand Slots: This version stands out with its massive progressive jackpots and bonus wheel. It also features a second multiplier wheel and a non-standard reel setup.

Buffalo Diamond Slots: This version of the game adds a strategic element with multiplier free spins that keep increasing until they are won.

Buffalo Rush Slots: A new game with mechanical reels, this version allows you to get extra buffalo symbols in the electronic area above the reels, along with win multipliers.

While Buffalo slot machines can also be found in multi-game terminals like Wonder 4 and similar, and there’s a Class II version (Buffalo Xtreme), the list above covers the main games.

pragmatic play buffalo slots

Pragmatic Play Byffalo Slots 

The Original Buffalo Slot Machine

The original Buffalo slot machine, released around 2008, is a straightforward video slot with 5 reels, 4 rows of symbols on each reel, and all-ways wins. The game’s appeal lies in its solid base game with wilds on the middle reels and a free spins bonus that can be easily retriggered. Gold coins trigger a bonus, typically granting 8 free spins. During these spins, any wilds that appear will carry a 2x or 3x multiplier.

Buffalo Stampede Slots

Buffalo Stampede features a taller screen and retains the symbols and free spins bonus feature of the original. It also introduces progressive jackpots and an interesting gameplay element: the occasional stampede of buffalo. These buffalo can run up from the bottom of the screen on one or more reels, expanding the reels by one or two extra symbols.

stampede buffalo slot interface

Stampede Buffalo Slot Interface 

Buffalo Gold Slots

Buffalo Gold has been a massive hit among players. The game doesn’t introduce progressive jackpots or major changes to the base game, but the free spins bonus is different. During this bonus, some of the buffalo symbols are gold-colored. Each time you hit one, it moves to the top part of the tall cabinet. At certain milestones, each of the 4 higher paying animal symbols turn into buffalo, increasing your chances of a big buffalo win.

golden buffalo double up slot

Golden Buffalo Double up Slot 

Buffalo Grand Slot Machine

Buffalo Grand introduces two bonus wheels and four levels of progressive jackpot. This version also has a non-standard reel setup with 5 rows of symbols on the middle 3 reels, and 4 symbols on reels 1 and 5. Triggering the bonus wheel with 3+ wheel symbols lets you spin for jackpots or different numbers of free spins.

bigbuffalo bandlands

Big Buffalo Bandlands 

Buffalo Diamond Slots

Buffalo Diamond introduces a strategic element with free spins with multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 4x. These increase when diamond symbols of different colors appear on the reels. Free spins and jackpots are won via a bonus wheel. The reels are in an unusual diamond shape for this game, which has a curved screen that bulges out towards the top.

big bad buffalo

Big Bad Buffalo 

Buffalo Gold Revolution Slots

The latest ‘Gold’ variation adds a bonus wheel. The free spins bonus where you collect gold heads is still the key element. On the wheel are two jackpots, cash wins, and gold heads. Whenever you spin the wheel and don’t hit a ‘free spins’ segment, the prizes get a boost.

buffalo gold revolution

Buffalo Gold Revolution 

Buffalo Rush Slots

The newest Buffalo-themed game uses 5 mechanical reels. There is a bonus wheel which can add extra buffalo for your free spins bonus. This wheel can also award you a progressive jackpot. Those buffalo you get on the wheel are added to a display above the reels during the free spins.


The Buffalo slot machine series, developed by Aristocrat, has proven to be a timeless favourite among sweepstakes casino players. The game’s captivating gameplay, iconic purple Buffalo symbols, and the thrill of using Gold Coin (GC) and Sweepstake Coins (SC) as currencies have made it a staple in various slot casinos, including Sweeptastic, Fortune coins, WoW Vegas, and Stake.us.

Whether you’re playing the classic Buffalo Slots online or visiting a brick-and-mortar casino to enjoy the newer versions like Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Grand, and Buffalo Stampede, the Buffalo slot machine series offers an exciting and rewarding gaming experience. As we move forward into 2023, it’s clear that the Buffalo slot machine series will continue to be a popular choice among sweepstakes casino players.

How can I get started with a sweepstake casino to play Pragmatic Slots?

Getting started with a sweepstake casino often involves signing up for an account on the platform, receiving your welcome bonus or sweep coins, and then selecting your preferred Pragmatic Slot game to play.

Neither strategy nor tricks are required of users at Pragmatic Play Casino who play Fruit Party Online. If chance has its way, the hoped-for payouts will come all by themselves. And also the choice of the game stake usually does not present anyone with a big challenge.

What makes a sweepstake casino one of the top platforms to play Pragmatic Slots?

Factors such as a wide variety of Pragmatic Slot games, secure banking options, lucrative promotions, good customer service, and positive player reviews make a sweepstake casino a top platform for playing Pragmatic Slots.

What are Pragmatic Slots and how do they fit into sweepstake casinos?

Pragmatic Slots refers to slot games developed by Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider in the iGaming industry. These slots are known for their high quality, engaging gameplay, and innovative features. They are offered by many sweepstake casinos for players to enjoy.