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Quick Overview

Coin Dozer, a captivating free mobile game by Game Circus LLC, was introduced in 2010. The game’s premise involves strategically dropping coins onto a pusher machine to nudge other coins and rewards off the edge into the collection area. Coin Dozer’s gameplay, which requires a mix of skill and fortune, is both enjoyable and addictive. 

The game is suitable for players aged 12 and up and uses virtual coins, making it a casual and entertaining option. To date, Coin Dozer has amassed over 100 million downloads. While Coin Dozer doesn’t provide real cash redemption like Sweeptastic, WoW Vegas or Fortune Coins, players occasionally have the chance to win Amazon e-gift cards.

Quick Info

✍️Casino Name
Coin Dozer App
Game Circus LLC.
💳Payment Methods
Google Pay and Apple Pay
💵Redeem Methods
Google Pay and Apple Pay
⏱️Redeem Times
🎰Game Types
Arcade games, Puzzles
📱Compitable Devices
iOs, Android, WIndows, Mac
⭐Overall Rating

Pros & Cons

✅ Exclusive applications for iOS and Android platforms.
❌ Limited to mobile payment methods only.
✅ Unique gameplay that authentically captures the essence of the real-world experience.
❌ Absence of a desktop online version.
✅ Opportunity to secure cash rewards.
❌ Offers only a single game.
✅ Real money winnings are based on a lottery system.
❌ The game's progress can be slow without in-app purchases.
✅ Regular updates and improvements to enhance user experience.

Coin Dozer No Deposit Bonus

Coin Dozer welcomes new players with an enticing no deposit bonus of 40 coins and 5 Dozer Dollars. As a new user, you can begin utilising these coins right away, dropping them onto the pusher machine to start your gaming journey. However, the Dozer Dollars, while a nice addition, don’t have much immediate utility. You need a minimum of 10 Dozer Dollars to purchase any instant boosts that can enhance your gameplay.
This might initially seem limiting, but there are ways to accumulate more Dozer Dollars. One method is through viewing advertisements within the game, a common feature in many free-to-play mobile games. Another way to earn more Dozer Dollars is by successfully pushing a Dozer Dollar coin off the chute during gameplay. Despite the initial limitations, these features add an extra layer of strategy and anticipation to the game, making the overall experience more engaging and rewarding.

How to Get More Free Dozer Coins?

Here are several methods to earn free coins and Dozer Dollars in Coin Dozer Sweepstakes:

Coin Regeneration: This is the primary method of earning free coins in Coin Dozer. Your coin balance automatically increases by one until it reaches the limit set by your level. While actively playing, your coin balance regenerates every 30 seconds. However, when you’re offline, it takes nine minutes for a coin to regenerate. Initially, you’ll have a limit of 20 coins, which only increases to 21 once you reach level 11.

Daily Special Deal: Each day, upon your first login, you’ll be presented with a special deal. These deals can include discounts on coin purchases, additional coins, or even free prizes.

Daily Fortune Wheel: Once you reach level 6, you can spin the fortune wheel daily for a chance to win extra coins, Dozer Dollars, or free spins. This is similar to the daily bonus wheel in NoLimitCoin, which becomes available after phone number verification.

Prizes & Puzzles: By pushing different prizes and puzzle pieces off the edge, you can earn fantastic rewards.

Daily Quest: Completing daily tasks such as collecting prizes, special coins, or carnival rewards can earn you instant boosts or free prizes.

Ads and Tasks: Coin Dozer partners with several online advertisers, including TapJoy. By watching 30-second ads, you can earn free coins, Dozer Dollars, and instant boosts. For larger rewards, you can go to the “Menu” tab, click on “Free Dozer” or “Free Coins”, and complete any of the available tasks. However, we advise caution with this method as these advertising firms may collect user data.


Coin Dozer Games

Coin Dozer Games

Power-Ups in Coin Dozer Sweepstakes

Coin Dozer Sweepstakes offers several boosters that can enhance your gameplay:

  • Puzzle Piece: Collect various puzzle pieces to earn a prize.
  • Box of Prizes: This booster allows you to open a mystery box that contains free coins, Dozer Dollars, a puzzle piece, or other boosters. You might also find rare prizes inside the box.
  • Seal Prize: Push this off the chute to break it and receive fantastic rewards.
  • Coin Walls: These prevent coins from falling off the sides.
  • Coin Shower: This results in a rapid fall of high-value coins (mainly event and silver coins) onto the chute, with some rolling off to reward you.
  • Giant Coin: Push the red coin off the chute to trigger an explosive giant coin that shakes the chute, causing coins, puzzles, and prizes to splash out. You also earn two coins for pushing it off.

CoinDozer Games

Coin Dozer is a thrilling digital adaptation of the well-loved carnival coin pusher game, featuring engaging graphics and immersive gameplay. The game requires a mix of strategy and luck, where players drop coins onto a pusher machine to nudge other coins and prizes off the chute into a collection area.
The game boasts vibrant, appealing graphics that effectively mimic the casino-style coin pusher game. It employs physics-based mechanics to realistically simulate the movement of coins, even incorporating a clinking sound for added authenticity.
A standout feature in Coin Dozer is the shake function. A shake metre, located on the left side of your screen, fills up as you drop coins. Depending on how full the metre is, activating it will cause the entire coin pusher machine to shake, nudging coins and other game bonuses downwards.
The game also features intuitive touch controls, allowing players to drop coins almost instantly upon touching the screen. Over time, players can also adjust the speed of the moving slab (broom). While Coin Dozer’s gameplay is relatively straightforward, it includes a variety of exciting features and bonuses. Apart from event coins, which yield rare prizes and power-ups when collected, players can also purchase boosters with Dozer Dollars to boost their winnings.

Coin Dozer Gameplay

Coin Dozer Gameplay

Purchase and Redeem Methods

Despite being a single-game platform, Coin Dozer operates on a sweepstakes model, meaning players can enjoy the game and win impressive rewards without making any purchases. However, for those who wish to extend their gameplay without relying on promotions or viewing ads, there are options to buy virtual coins and Dozer Dollars.
The only methods available for purchasing these virtual currencies at Coin Dozer are through Google Pay and Apple Pay. This might be seen as a limitation, especially for players accustomed to platforms like Sweeptastic, WoW Vegas, Pulsz Casino, which accepts credit cards, online banking, and Skrill.
While the available payment methods are convenient and efficient, purchasing coins from the Coin Dozer in-game shop can sometimes be time-consuming if your device isn’t preloaded.

Is it Possible to Redeem from Coin Dozer?

The question of whether it’s possible to win real money at Coin Dozer doesn’t have a simple answer. Unlike typical sweepstakes sites that use two virtual currencies – one for free play and the other redeemable for cash prizes – Coin Dozer operates differently.
Instead of employing premium coins that can be exchanged for real money, Coin Dozer uses a lottery system to periodically award free Amazon gift cards. To participate, players must wait for a promotional period, usually lasting up to three months, divided into daily and weekly sweepstakes.
During this promotional period, players are required to claim and submit a maximum of 120 and 210 sweepstakes entries for the daily and weekly draws, respectively. Players can claim free entries by opening the Coin Dozer app and clicking on the “free entries” button. At the end of each day or week, 100 and 500 eligible entries are randomly selected to share the prize as follows:

Coin Dozer Redeem

The promotional period at Coin Dozer is the only time you can win something of tangible value, so it’s crucial to review the full rules to know when it commences. Your chances of winning depend on the number of sweepstakes entries you submit. However, considering the millions of users participating in the sweepstakes, the odds of securing a win at Coin Dozer are incredibly slim. Moreover, you need to be at least 16 years old and at level 3 or above to participate.

If you’re 18 years or older and have an interest in playing casino-style games with the potential to win real money, you have additional options. You can register at WOW Vegas or Sweeptastic Casino to enjoy a wide variety of over 300 free online slots and table games. Not only do these platforms offer an engaging gaming experience, but they also provide the opportunity to win real money through gameplay using sweepstakes coins. By signing up through this link, you can claim 5,000 WOW Coins and a 1SC no-deposit bonus.


Coin Dozer, a mobile game developed by Game Circus LLC, offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that emulates the thrill of the classic carnival coin pusher game. Launched in 2010, the game has since garnered over 100 million downloads, making it a popular choice among mobile gamers.
The game’s mechanics involve a blend of strategy and luck, where players drop coins onto a pusher machine to push other coins and prizes off the chute. The game’s bright and appealing graphics, along with its physics-based mechanics, create a realistic and immersive gaming experience.



What is a Coin Dozer?

  • Coin Dozer is a free mobile game by Game Circus LLC, launched in 2010. It simulates the classic carnival coin pusher game, requiring players to drop coins onto a pusher machine to push other coins and prizes off the chute.

What are the pros and cons of Coin Dozer?

  • Pros include exclusive apps for iOS and Android, unique gameplay, the opportunity to win cash rewards, and regular updates. Cons include limited payment methods, no desktop version, and slow progress without in-app purchases.

How can I earn more coins in Coin Dozer?

  • You can earn more coins through coin regeneration, daily special deals, spinning the daily fortune wheel, collecting prizes and puzzle pieces, completing daily quests, and watching ads or completing tasks.

Can I win real money in Coin Dozer?

  • Coin Dozer doesn’t offer real cash redemption. However, it uses a lottery system to periodically award free Amazon gift cards during promotional periods.

What are the alternatives to Coin Dozer for winning real money?

  •  If you’re interested in playing casino-style games with the potential to win real money, you can register at WOW Vegas or Sweeptastic Casino. These platforms offer a variety of free online slots and table games and provide the opportunity to win real money through gameplay using sweepstakes coins.