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4 Seasons Quick Overview

4 Seasons is a video slot game from Betsoft. The programmers mix different influences in the theme of the slot game. Sure – it’s about the four seasons. However, the game can surprise you in a completely different way. The slot comes to 95.30% as a payout ratio. It is played with 5 reels in 3 rows and 30 paylines. Winning combinations on the paylines pay out the winnings.

Here you can find the best 4 Seasons online sweepstakes and social casinos with real bonuses, the game rules with the paytable, and a demo to play for free.
Probably everyone immediately thinks of pure luxury and life on the jet set. The developers at Betsoft have something completely different in mind. The game does not tell a thrilling story – but still achieves a high level of suspense. You play a slot with an Asian look, which combines the theme of seasons with the Chinese zodiac in an unusual way.

4 Seasons Slot Interface

Play 4 Seasons for free

What makes 4 Seasons different? A special feature of the slot game is that all 12 characters from the Chinese zodiac appear. However, the developers integrate them in a way that even I noticed only at a second glance. Do you want to find out what I mean? Just try out the slot. Luckily, there is a free demo mode for the game.

Then here’s my tip: there are even better ways to test the game absolutely for free, as many sweepstakes casinos like Pulsz, Pulsz Bingo, Sweeptastic, WoW Vegas, Stakeus, Fortune Coins, Goldenhearts, Mcluck, and LoyalRoyal casinos offer no purchase gold coins and sweep coins just on sign up, and if you are lucky you can multiply them and redeem for different cash prizes.
Yes – you just read correctly. You can try the slot game if you play a few rounds of 4 Seasons. Playing for free without any risk – sounds tempting.

The bottom line is that the test mode is tailored for a wide audience. What do you have to do to play 4 Seasons for free? Often, nothing at all. I have checked various options. The result: many operators even provide this game mode completely without registration.

How is the slot working

As a slot game, 4 Seasons is based on the game mechanics experienced gamers already know from other video slots. The slot is played with 5 reels. Each of these reels has three rows in which the symbols are arranged. You must set the reels in motion using the play button to get a payout through the game.

Just press the button – and the reels will start moving. From left to right, the reels start moving slightly staggered. As soon as all reels stop, the slot evaluates the paylines. You can easily find out their distribution via the paytable. Every valid winning combination starts with reel 1 and continues to the right.

Two aspects are crucial regarding the amount the payout from the spins can reach. On the one hand, it is about the winning class – the number of characters per valid winning combination. Which character triggers the payout is unimportant since all endearing characters have an identical payout value from the spins.

The second factor that plays out its influence is your bet. Here, the simple rule of thumb applies: the higher the bet size, the higher the winning amount. You must go to the game settings to set the total bet – which could be more convenient. In any case, this allows you to react flexibly to your bankroll.

Pay attention to the wheel with the seasons when playing 4 Seasons online. Here, after 30 spins, not only the pointer moves on. The gold, silver, and bronze symbols are exchanged each time. These winning symbols trigger a multiplier when you play. Additionally, you can increase the win by multiplying with Block Win combos.

4 Seasons Paytable and Payout

4 Seasons is a rather unusual slot. The game relies on an easy-to-learn game mechanic. Graphically, the slot game can keep up with competing products without much effort – despite its age. The objective rating can only be concluded if aspects like the 4 Seasons payout ratio are correct.

To learn more about this, look at the 4 Seasons paytable. Here you will also find information about the payout values of the symbols. What is amazing here: Betsoft does not separate low-value and high-value winning symbols. All symbols of the slot have an identical payout value.
The return to player is an important parameter that describes the relationship between stake and payout. Attention: This is a statistical value – but not a promise to win set in stone. The 4 Seasons slot achieves an RTP of 95.30% in the review. This puts the game in the middle-class range.

All information about the RTP or the payout values can be accessed via the game window. Unlike comparable games, there is no separate button for this. You first have to work through the slot machine’s settings menu. To quickly look at the 4 Seasons paytable, a somewhat cumbersome way.

Personal Experience

With 4 Seasons, Betsoft has launched a slot where a few special features stand out in the test. First, a payout value for all winning symbols is more than unusual. The second item on my list is the changing seasons with the additional multipliers, even if it doesn’t look like it at the first moment: The 4 Seasons slot builds up a high-tension curve.
For me, personally took me some time till I understood how the game worked.

What makes 4 Seasons different?

4 Seasons incorporates the Chinese zodiac in a unique way, with all 12 zodiac characters appearing in the game.

Can I play 4 Seasons for free?

Yes, there is a free demo mode available for players to try out the game without any risk.

How does the slot work?

The slot has 5 reels and 3 rows, and you spin the reels to create winning combinations on the paylines.

What factors affect the payout amount?

The winning class (number of characters in a winning combination) and your bet size both influence the payout amount.

What is the return to player (RTP) of 4 Seasons?

The game has an RTP of 95.30%, which is considered average.

4 Seasons Slot Thumbnail

Title4 Seasons
Max Win5000x