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Cash Tank Quick Overview

Cash Tank is a video slot game from Endorphina Gaming with a puristic slot theme. Especially sweepstakes and social casino fans who appreciate straightforward gameplay will love Cash Tank. The slot has 96.08% as a payout percentage and is played with 5 reels in 3 rows. With 10 paylines for payouts, the developers focus on very simple gameplay.

Here you can find the best Cash Tank online sweepstakes casinos with real bonuses, the game rules with the paytable, and a demo to play for free.
Cash Tank is exactly the game I expected from the online slot from the name alone. The slot is about very puristic action. You can take a seat at the slot – and immediately start playing. The developers of the slot do without a broad story. Cash Tank is simply the quintessence of classic slot gameplay.

Cash Tank play for free

Many online slots are focusing on increasingly playful designs. A trend that Cash Tank as a slot game leaves completely to the left. The developers refrain from broadly embellished stories. Instead, Endorphina focuses with Chas Tank on exactly those elements that have made video slots in the past – simple but entertaining gameplay.

What are the advantages of this version? Of course, you can try out the gameplay without spending a single euro. Trying it out and getting to know the fun factor is only one side of the coin. The fact is that you gain experience through the test version. You can play Cash Tank absolutely for free here, or you can join some sweepstakes casinos like Pulsz, Pulsz Bingo, WoW Vegas, Stakeus, Fortune coins, Mcluck, and many others, where you will receive different amounts of gold coins(GC), and sweep coins(SC) to test the game.

Cash Tank Slot Interface

How to play Cash Tank

Cash Tank by Endorphina cuts a good figure in the test for several reasons. On the one hand, simple game mechanics is one of the reasons why the game is very good, especially from a beginner’s point of view. Playing Cash Tank online works without a long learning curve. On the other hand, thanks to the bonus features, the tension curve remains at a comparatively high level.

Game Symbols and Mechanism

The slot is played with 5 reels. The winning symbols are arranged in 3 rows. Valid winning combinations must always be created over the 10 paylines to pay out a win. For this purpose, the paylines are always evaluated from left to right. 

The greater the number of matching symbols aligned on the paylines, the more substantial the final win will be.

How do the reels start moving? It doesn’t take much. You set the desired bet via the coin value – or the total bet – and press the spin button. Immediately, the reels start spinning and bring the winning symbols to a halt. If they land in the right position, the slot pays out a win.

Endorphina does a lot right in my eyes regarding winning symbols. You will indeed encounter the common division between low and high-value symbols. However, the developers develop a design for each of the individual winning symbols to match the slot’s theme – and thus stand out very clearly from the competition.

Cash Tank Paytable and Payout 

As a slot game, Cash Tank gets to the heart of the mechanics behind video slots. The game is about enjoying the fun factor when playing Cash Tank online. Sounds like a slot for true purists. Yet the game with the wild has some special features to offer. And there is even more on the test bench in the test.

In the evaluation, I also scrutinize the Return to Player (RTP) and the paytable in detail. Behind this are two very important points essential for the Cash Tank slot rating. The return to player of the game is 96.08%, within the range of the RTP of other Endorphina games.

This includes the payout values of the individual game symbols for the slot. What I like at this point: Graphically, the game stands out from the competition in sweepstakes slot casinos. In terms of game mechanics, however, the developers remain true to the proven separation into symbols with high and low payout values.

Even though there might not be any major differences in gameplay, the general conditions are quite different. Here it is once the fact that you have to expect losses. On the other hand, the stakes and game functions are more clearly regulated when playing Cash Tank in sweepstakes casinos.

Personal Experience 

Endorphina is an experienced software provider. And can send a slot into the race with Cash Tank, which convinces with solid gaming. The game mechanics work excellently – and you will enjoy playing a few rounds even as an experienced slot fan. The fact that the developers oriented the atmosphere on early slots provides a certain straightforwardness.

What is Cash Tank?

Cash Tank is a puristic video slot game from Endorphina Gaming, featuring a straightforward gameplay with a 96.08% payout percentage. It’s played on 5 reels with 3 rows and 10 paylines.

Where can I play Cash Tank?

Cash Tank can be played for free online, or at several sweepstakes casinos like Pulsz, Pulsz Bingo, WoW Vegas, Stakeus, Fortune coins, Mcluck, where you receive gold coins (GC) and sweep coins (SC) to test the game.

How do I play Cash Tank?

Playing Cash Tank is simple. Set your desired bet via the coin value or total bet and press the spin button. Valid winning combinations must be created over the 10 paylines from left to right to win.

What are the game symbols in Cash Tank?

The game symbols are divided into low and high-value symbols, each designed to match the slot’s theme. The more symbols of a winning sign placed on the paylines, the higher the winning level.

What is the payout and paytable for Cash Tank?

The return to player (RTP) for Cash Tank is 96.08%, and the paytable includes the payout values of the individual game symbols. The game stands out graphically, but maintains the proven separation into symbols with high and low payout values.

Cash Tank Slot Thumbnail

TitleCash Tank
Max Winx1000