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Immortal Romance Video Bingo Quick Overview

 We can find many sites that provide information about different online casino games and usually informative reviews about the magnificent world of gambling. The sites that provide this information are divided according to the international market where they direct their informative reviews. They focus on different markets and try to provide the most comprehensive information to all users.

We have organized the most extensive information and feel prepared to provide you with the best information on all categories of online casino games in Latam and Spain. Software providers are becoming more innovative daily with game releases that capture players’ attention and transport them to other worlds. Immortal Romance is one of the most popular Vampire Romance themed bingo games.

This time Drjuego has helped us test the latest game from Microgaming and Neko Games, Immortal Romance Video Bingo. The Bingo variant is highly volatile, coming with various features, including the Eternal Chambers feature, which can reveal massive rewards. With Immortal Romance Video Bingo, players are invited to lose themselves in a dark tale of intrigue and forbidden love and enjoy a new twist on the classic story.

Lead Developer and Casino Distribution

Neko Games is a privately held company that designs and develops online casino games for emerging markets in Latin America.

Neko Games is a member of the powerful Microgaming network of independent online casino content developers. Thanks to this business alliance, the company enjoys increased content distribution capabilities. Their decision to concentrate on video bingo makes them a unique provider, as there is little competition in this gaming field.

It features several highly attractive and rewarding video bingo games with medium to high volatility, incredible mystery prizes, free balls, and even jackpots.

immortal romance video bingo base game

NekoGames’ partnership with Microgaming

NekoGames’ partnership with Microgaming is enhanced by its financial backing Velo Partners and its software agreements with RNG Foundry. These three companies handle everything except creating the games, something the team excels at.
Their games are easy to understand. They have proven themselves in years past because these games are entertaining. Then there’s the fact that the bingo games are cheaper overall, with better pacing between rounds.

NekoGames is dedicated to pushing this gaming experience further, making it more adventurous, adding special features, and rewarding players with incredible winnings, including jackpots. Whether you are a recreational, experienced, or intermediate player, you will surely find a suitable game in this selection.
Immortal Romance Video Bingo Characters and Features.

There are a total of 15 winning patterns, and they are displayed above the playing area with the corresponding prize below each pattern.

Characters and Features

Immortal Romance is a complex love story where players can advance through various levels, like a video game. Immortal Romance Video Bingo has the same characters: the heroine Sarah and her friend Amber and the good and bad vampires Michael and Troy.

You will win when the polled numbers mark a predefined pattern on your bingo ticket. You get 30 random numbers from the ball selection per round.

There are a total of 15 winning patterns, and they are displayed above the playing area with the corresponding prize below each pattern.

Bingo Variations

There are several versions of bingo, and the bingo cards in Immortal Romance resemble the British 3-line bingo cards, although they have fewer reels than usual. Each time a round is played, 30 balls will be drawn and presented at the bottom of the screen. The tickets have numbers between 1 and 90, and every number appears once per round. That means that there are 60 numbers present on the 4 tickets, and only these numbers can be drawn. If you don’t like the numbers on a ticket, you can click on them, and new numbers will replace them. All the numbers drawn will be marked on your tickets, and 15 combinations will result in different prizes.

You can play this game on a desktop, notepad, and cell phone.

Paylines and Winnings

The lowest paying prize is 1 line, which means you got 5 numbers from left to right on a ticket. It pays double the bet, but remember that if you bet on all 4 tickets and get a winning line, you exclusively win x0.5 of the total bet since the other 3 tickets pay nothing. If you get 1 line on all 4 tickets, you have doubled your total bet, but a general rule is that the more numbers on a ticket, the higher the winnings.

Among the 15 combinations available, you have A cross that pays 8 times the bet, A double T that pays 50 times the bet, and score bingo covering all 15 numbers.

Game Strategies

Being a high variance game, activating a free spins feature will be a costly undertaking.
It would help if you calculated roughly how much it would cost to activate the free spins.
Buying additional balls may only sometimes be a good idea. Make sure it is worth the investment, as they can quickly become expensive.

If your budget allows, buy all 4 tickets per round to be eligible for the jackpot.
Set a budget wisely. As bingo is largely a game of chance, at some point, you will lose a game. And then another.
Your luck may change at some point, but it’s impossible to predict exactly when.
Before you sit down to play, prepare a budget by setting out the amount you are willing to lose on a sticky note and post it in a prominent place.
Once you’ve reached that amount, stop.
If there’s a little left in the pot, you can reinvest it into the budget for next time.

Have Fun

Online bingo is mostly about excitement and emotional highs and lows, but more than anything else, it’s about taking a few minutes out of your day to relax and have fun. And that’s the real purpose of the game.

Immortal Romance Video Bingo Advatages

  • Extra Ball Stage with possible Wild Balls
  • Bonus game for the second and third best patterns
  • Jackson is offering x10,000 your bet

Play for free to learn

Immortal Romance satisfies a wide variety of play requirements, solid top prizes, many features, brand recognition, and familiar faces.
The low ticket cost suits any budget, while risk takers can go to town with Extra Balls when this stage is triggered. It can be tempting to go all out for the Extra Balls. However, it can get quite expensive very quickly, so buyers beware.
We don’t have much negative to say about this game.
The extra balls are pricey. So far, online bingo is played for fun. 

However, it can become addictive for players, and there can be some problems. People can start playing a lot, and if they lose, they can get into debt. This can also affect their financial future. Finally, the RTP of 95.13% is low.

If you are unsure how to play video bingo games, you can check our sweepstakes video bingo guide and free bingo games

immortal romance video bingo thumbnail

TitleImmortal Romance Video Bingo
Max Winx10,000