King Octopus Fish game

King Octopus: Dive into an Underwater Adventure by KA Gaming

Dive deep into the ocean’s depths with “King Octopus“,  an exhilarating fish shooting game by KA Gaming. This isn’t your typical slot game; it’s an adventure where you become a marine hunter, chasing and capturing a myriad of sea creatures.

The thrill of “King Octopus” lies in its rapid-paced gameplay, offering players the opportunity to bag enormous rewards, reaching up to a 1000x multiplier. Challenge the rulers of the deep and aim for the high-value prizes they guard. To aid in your underwater treasure quest, KA Gaming has incorporated four bonus symbols, enhancing your chances of striking gold.

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  • Game Provider: KA Gaming
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Player Count: Up to 4 Players
  • Game Tables: Bronze, Silver, Gold
  • Bonus Features: Jellyfish Sprites, Gunpowder Barrel, Freeze Treasure Box, Drill Weapon
  • Maximum Win: 1000x
  • Available At: Fortune Coins Casino, ZitoBox,
  • Similar Games: Emily’s Treasure,KA Fish Hunter, Mermaid Hunter, Let me Eat 2

How to Play The King Octopus Fish Game

King Octopus offers a straightforward yet distinct gaming experience. To embark on this underwater adventure, start by registering at one of the recommended US sweepstakes casinos mentioned here. After registration, the captivating world of King Octopus is just a click away in the casino lobby.

You have the option to play for fun using GC or to dive deeper with promotional mode for potential real money rewards. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • Navigate to the chosen casino’s website and select “Join Now.”
  • Fill in the required details such as name, email address, and create a password.
  • For a faster sign-up, use the one-click registration via Facebook or Google.
  • Post-registration, claim the no deposit sweeps bonus to play King Octopus without any charge. For those looking to elevate the stakes, verify your account and get additional SC for real-money gameplay.

Diving into King Octopus: A Gameplay Guide

King Octopus caters to both novices and experts, offering an intuitive yet skill-driven gaming experience. Players start by choosing from three distinct rooms: Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Each room corresponds to a specific betting range, ensuring there’s a fit for every player’s comfort level. Once you’ve made your choice, you’re transported to a mesmerizing underwater realm where your cursor transforms into a crosshair.

Your trusty weapon and the bet adjustment keys (+/-) are conveniently located in the bottom left corner. Remember, every bullet you fire represents a bet, and its trajectory is determined by your weapon’s orientation. Your task? Simply aim and click on your desired aquatic prey. The more marine life you capture, the more bountiful your rewards.

To enhance your gaming experience, KA Gaming has integrated some handy features into King Octopus. The ‘Lock Target’ function allows you to focus on a particular fish, ensuring precision. Meanwhile, ‘Autofire’ takes over the shooting, following your weapon’s direction. If you ever feel like changing the scenery, you can easily switch rooms via the Options Menu. And for a comprehensive overview of potential rewards and game mechanics, the paytable on the right has got you covered.

King Octupus Gameplay

King Octopus Gameplay

Symbols and Rewards in King Octopus

In the underwater realm of King Octopus, players will come across a vibrant array of marine life, each uniquely designed and coloured. These aquatic symbols come with their own set of multipliers, with the larger, more majestic creatures promising heftier rewards. Additionally, remnants of human adventures, like sunken ships, lost pirates, and treasure chests, can also be found. Here’s a breakdown of the potential rewards each symbol offers:

  • King Octopus: Ranges from 68x to 368x
  • Golden Ship: Between 68x and 268x
  • Octopus: From 68x up to 168x
  • Mermaid & Blue Whale: Spanning 68x to 138x
  • Pirate: A solid 60x
  • Gold Shark: 50x
  • Seal: 45x
  • Swordfish: 40x
  • Whale: 35x
  • Manta Ray: 30x
  • Yellow Fish: 20x
  • Assorted Smaller Fish: Ranging from 2x to 18x


King Octopus Paytable

King Octopus Paytable

Bonus Features in the King Octopus Fish Game

King Octopus isn’t just about hunting down the majestic Ocean Kings; the game is enriched with a quartet of bonus symbols, each designed to amplify your rewards and elevate the gaming experience.

1. Drill Weapon
Armed with this formidable tool, players are granted a special drill shot, renowned for its potent attack prowess. When unleashed, this drill pierces through the water, capturing every fish species in its trajectory until it culminates in a spectacular explosion.


2. JellyFish Sprites
Venturing into the depths, if you manage to ensnare a jellyfish, be prepared for a delightful spectacle. The jellyfish triggers a domino effect, setting off a chain reaction that ensnares multiple fish simultaneously. For every fish caught in this mesmerizing dance, you’re instantly rewarded with corresponding payouts.

3. Gunpowder Barrel
True to its explosive name, securing one of these barrels unleashes a powerful detonation across the gaming screen. This explosion results in a wide-ranging attack, capturing a specific number of fish within its radius. The aftermath? A cascade of wins added to your tally.

4. Freeze Treasure Box
This bonus symbol is akin to a magic spell. Once activated, it casts a frosty enchantment, momentarily freezing all the aquatic creatures in their tracks. This pause in motion provides players with a golden opportunity to strategically target and capture their desired fish. As an added bonus, the Freeze Treasure Box might surprise players with a random reward, potentially boosting your stake by up to 50 times.

Final Thoughts

King Octopus by KA Gaming offers a refreshing twist to the conventional casino game, immersing players in an underwater odyssey filled with vibrant marine life and tantalizing rewards. With its intuitive gameplay, diverse betting rooms, and a plethora of bonus features, it’s a game that promises both thrill and potential rewards. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned player, King Octopus beckons you to dive deep and embark on a marine treasure hunt like no other.


Who is the provider of King Octopus?

  • KA Gaming.

    What is the maximum win in King Octopus?

    • Up to a 1000x multiplier.

    Are there any bonus features in King Octopus?

    • Yes, there are four main bonus features: Drill Weapon, JellyFish Sprites, Gunpowder Barrel, and Freeze Treasure Box.

    Where can I play King Octopus?

    • It’s available at Fortune Coins Casino, ZitoBox, and

    Is King Octopus suitable for beginners?

    • Absolutely! The game offers an intuitive experience suitable for both beginners and experienced players.


    King Octopus Fish game

    TitleKing Octopus
    DeveloperKA Gaming
    Max Winx1,000