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Progressive jackpots can be likened to the state lottery, where the prize pool swells with each game played, and the potential winnings are displayed in real-time on a ticker.

There are games where the jackpots can reach millions of coins, and eventually, a lucky player will walk away with a substantial windfall.

But what exactly makes a slot jackpot progressive?

Every game of the same title contributes to a shared jackpot across multiple casinos, over and above the maximum win potential within the game itself. As players participate, a portion of their wager is funneled into the progressive jackpot.

Due to this mechanism, some progressive jackpots can escalate to six, seven, or even eight figures in actual currency.

Sweepstakes casinos, while being low-risk platforms, still offer this thrilling feature. Establishments such as Sweeptastic, Pulsz Bingo, WOW Vegas,, Fortune Coins, and others provide games with progressive prizes that can be readily converted to cash.

For more information on the most popular progressive slots and legal sweepstakes casinos available to players in the US and Canada, and to claim welcome bonuses to kickstart your gaming, you can explore further.

Understanding Progressive Jackpot Slots at Sweepstakes Casinos

When a player hits the progressive jackpot, they receive the total sum of all previous contributions.

Following a progressive jackpot win, each interconnected game across the casino resets the main prize to its base amount. Typically, this reset amount is substantial enough to entice players to continue playing.

In the case of local jackpots, this could include any game in the casino or those listed under the Jackpots tab. As is always the case, the jackpot begins to accumulate again with each play. This is the mechanism behind interconnected progressive jackpots at sweepstakes casinos.

lantern luck progressive jackpot game

Lantern Luck Progressive Jackpot Game

Varieties of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive slots can take various forms, but the standard configuration typically includes three rows and five reels.

Some of the earliest slots in this category were found on a basic layout of one row and three reels.

Certain providers, like Habanero with their Wealth Inn slot available at Pulsz Casino, maintain this tradition.

Regardless of the game’s layout, every progressive slot shares a common feature: offering a dynamic prize that continues to grow until someone claims it.

Apart from the layout, the key distinction lies in how the progressive jackpots are interconnected, or in other words, the system that allows the pot to grow.

Cross-Casino Progressive Jackpots

This model is more prevalent at online casinos, which often have multiple affiliated sites. Simply put, the same game title appearing in numerous casinos shares a common jackpot.

The advantage of this model is that jackpots can become enormous, as seen with the famous Mega Moolah. However, with thousands of players vying for the win each hour, the odds are quite long.

Sweepstakes casinos are better suited for the other two models described below, which can still offer substantial jackpots and the same level of progressive jackpot thrill.

Local Progressive Jackpots

As most sweepstakes casinos operate independently, they tend to offer their progressive jackpots locally, which many players prefer.

With this model, several different games can be networked for the same jackpot. In some instances, all games are linked to the same progressive jackpot, or smaller prizes that also increase progressively with each play.

Excellent examples of local progressive jackpots can be found at Luckyland Slots, Fortune Coins, High 5 Casino, WOW Vegas, McLuck, and others.

pulsz casino jackpots category

Pulsz Casino Jackpots Category

In-game Progressive Jackpots

This is the third type of progressive jackpot slots found at sweepstakes casinos. In-game progressive jackpots have a maximum prize that increases in relation to the bet.

For instance, if the game’s maximum win is 20,000x your bet, the jackpot amount will depend on your bet. In contrast, fixed-amount jackpots offer a predetermined prize regardless of your bet.

The advantage of in-game progressive slots is that you’re not competing for the top prize with other players. The downside is that the jackpots are considerably smaller compared to standard progressive jackpots.

Top 6 Progressive Sweepstakes Slots

Are you interested in trying your luck with high-reward progressive jackpot slots but unsure about where to begin? Let’s explore some starting points and additional resources to guide you on your gaming journey.

Lucky Panda (Fortune Coins Slots)

Lucky Panda is a Hold and Win style jackpot slot centered around the world’s most adorable creature, the panda, a symbol of fortune and prosperity. This slot game features a standard layout of three rows and five reels, with 25 paylines that work well with the wild symbols’ propensity to appear on any reel, sometimes in stacks. The game offers enticing prizes in both gold and sweeps coins. The main attractions are the bonus with sticky symbols and respins, and of course, the Fortune jackpot.

luckypanda slot

Lucky Panda Slot

Wealth Inn (Pulsz Bingo)

Wealth Inn showcases Caishen, the Chinese cultural embodiment of wealth and fortune. This mythical figure serves as the Wild symbol, with a red ornament symbol assisting in creating winning combinations. When this happens, any Wilds on the screen expand to cover all three reels. This feature-rich game is primarily about the progressive jackpot. Thanks to its low volatility, Wealth Inn can provide regular payouts, helping maintain your balance while you aim for the jackpot.

wealth inn slot interface

Wealth Inn Slot Gameplay 

Emily’s Treasure (Fortune Coins)

Emily’s Treasure presents a unique gaming experience, where Emily, a golden shark, symbolizes the jackpot. This wild fishing adventure differs from most online slot games, offering an arcade-style experience filled with random prizes, boosters, and bonuses. The game features four jackpot levels: Fortune, Grand, Super, and Mini. The jackpot currently stands at a whopping 11,301,447 gold coins, playable with redeemable sweeps coins at Fortune Casino.

emilys treasure slot

Emily’s Treasure Slot

Gorilla Mayhem (WOW Vegas)

Gorilla Mayhem, developed by Pragmatic Play, is a game filled with gorilla power on the reels, enhancing the gameplay and win multipliers. The game offers three golden gorilla symbols for multipliers between 1x and 3x, which can cross-multiply in the base game and free spins bonus. Despite its high win potential, it’s a highly volatile game, requiring careful bankroll management for long-term play and a shot at the ultimate jackpot prize.

gorilla mayhem

Gorilla Mayhem Slot Interface

Hot to Burn: Hold and Spin (

Hot to Burn is a classic fruity slot series offering large jackpots. The game features a respins bonus and a maximum win potential of 20,000x your bet. The layout includes five reels and 20 paylines, Wild, Scatter, and three types of Money symbols. The game’s unique feature is the respins rounds, which give you four lives instead of three, increasing your chances of landing a screen full of bonus symbols and potentially triggering the bonus wheel for the jackpot prize.

hot to burn hold and spin slot

Hot to Burn: Hold and Spin

Platinum Goddess Jackpot (High 5 Casino)

Platinum Goddess Jackpot is one of the most thrilling low volatility jackpot slots from High 5 Games. The casino features a cross-linked jackpot program with several games, and Platinum Goddess Jackpot is one of the most captivating among them. The gameplay includes split symbols and wild symbols that can stack up three-rows high. You can control these features in-game by toggling the respective buttons. Adjusting your bets accordingly can optimize this feature during the base game and bonus spins feature. Interestingly, landing three Jackpot symbols triggers the Jackpot Wheel, leading to the Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpot.

platinum goddess jackpot game

Platinum Goddess Jackpot Game

Reasons to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive slots, like other slot games, offer an enjoyable gaming experience, but they also bring an added element of surprise. Players are drawn to these games with escalating jackpots, as a lucky spin could potentially trigger a life-changing win.

There are countless tales of players winning millions of coins, which can be converted into a significant dollar amount.

Here are the primary reasons why our slot game experts prefer progressive slots:

  • The thrill of unexpected wins;
  • The excitement of hunting for progressive slots;
  • The ability to try the game for free using gold coins;
  • The possibility of winning the jackpot, even with the smallest bet;
  • The presence of large in-game prizes in most progressive slots.
  • In addition to these points, progressive jackpot slots often feature bonus rounds that can award substantial prizes beyond the main jackpot. These games may include free spins rounds, trail and pick bonuses, as well as win multipliers and reel modifiers.

In summary, any given progressive slot should offer as much excitement as a standard slot game. However, the anticipation of potentially winning something even bigger is the unique allure that many players find irresistible.

Strategies for Winning at Progressive Sweeps Slots

Progressive slots can offer incredibly large prizes that are enticing enough to pique your interest. The distinction between winning regular prizes and landing a massive win is always governed by the game’s engine, known as the Random Number Generator.

While both winning and non-winning outcomes are always random, there are a few strategies you can employ to enhance your experience with progressive jackpot games at sweepstakes casinos:

casino sweeps jackpot image

Sweeps Casino Jackpot Image

Preserve your sweeps coins

Remember sweeps coins, the redeemable currency that you can’t buy directly but can acquire in various ways? If you enjoy playing progressive slots at sweepstakes casinos, it’s a good idea to reserve your sweeps coins specifically for these games.

Our advice is to log in daily, complete tasks, purchase some gold coin packages, and perhaps even send in some request cards. Once you’ve accumulated enough currency, select your progressive jackpot game and devote your stash solely to that title.

Manage your bankroll

Your chances of winning a progressive jackpot increase when you play with larger amounts. However, another feature of this type of slot game to consider is that you can win the main prize even if you’re playing with the smallest bet.

Set realistic expectations

Slots are games of chance, and it’s important to play them without any preconceived expectations. Essentially, people play progressive slots hoping that they’ll be the lucky ones to see those elusive jackpot symbols during their gaming session. Given the number of players vying for the same prize, the best strategy is to approach each session with a relaxed attitude.

Final Verdict

Progressive sweepstakes slot games offer an exciting gaming experience, combining the thrill of regular slots with the potential for life-changing wins. With various models and types available, players can choose from a wide array of games, each offering unique features and bonuses. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, these games provide an added element of surprise and the chance to win big, making them a popular choice for many.

What are Progressive Sweepstakes Slot Games?

These are slot games where the jackpot increases with each game played until someone wins.

How do Progressive Jackpots work?

Each game of the same title contributes to a shared jackpot across multiple casinos. A portion of each player’s wager is added to the progressive jackpot.

What are the types of Progressive Jackpot Slots?

There are three types: Cross-Casino, Local, and In-game Progressive Jackpots.

Can I win a Progressive Jackpot with a small bet?

Yes, you can win the main prize even if you’re playing with the smallest bet.

What strategies can I use to win at Progressive Sweeps Slots?

Some strategies include preserving your sweeps coins, managing your bankroll, and setting realistic expectations.