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If spinning is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can practice for free and refresh your knowledge of the roulette rules. Please note that you cannot win real prizes on this page. For that reason, we’ve provided a list of the most trustworthy sweepstakes casinos that offer real cash prizes and roulette games.

Also don’t forget to check our roulette strategy tips just under the sweepstakes casino list.

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Rouletet Strategy 1: Make sure you know the rules of the game

Even if you’ve played before, it doesn’t hurt to review roulette rules. One persistent misconception, for example, is that everyone loses their bet when the zero drops. Spoiler alert: that’s not true! Always pay attention to what roulette title you started playing. There are different kinds of roulette games. Even though they all look the same, they still have differences. For instance, the lightning roulette by Evolution features big multipliers that can add to your lucky numbers by x100, x200….

four vectored cards aces

Rouletet Strategy 2: Determine your budget in advance

One of the biggest pitfalls when playing sweepstakes roulette: not setting a budget.

If you don’t figure out in advance what losses you want to stop at, chances are you’ll get carried away by the excitement. And almost every player knows the urge to win back your losses. understands the temptation: one more withdrawal at the casino or one more deposit. Because now that ball has to fall into the right pocket, right?

If you are going to play roulette, take a fixed amount with you. When that runs out, you stop. If you know you’ll soon be tempted to withdraw some money anyway, leave your debit card at home.

All legal online casinos in Holland allow you to set a limit in advance. Do that. You won’t regret it. Playing just at random without a budget, however, is guaranteed to result in regret.

Rouletet Strategy 3: Don’t play roulette with double zero

What you really should never do is play roulette when there is a double zero (00) on the disc.

Such roulette with double zero is the standard in Las Vegas and the rest of America, but you see this kind of roulette in many online casinos as well. Even in Dutch online casinos like TOTO Casino and Kansino. urges you: don’t play this game. Because of the double zero, the house advantage, i.e. the advantage the casino has over you, is a whopping 5.26%. This makes this one of the most unfavorable games for you as a player.

Regular roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, almost half as much. So in the long run, you lose almost twice as much money on roulette with a double zero.

Fortunately, in Las Vegas, with a little searching, you can usually find a table with “single-zero roulette,” i.e. roulette with only one green slot: the regular zero (0).

In an online casino, you are always just one click away from a good roulette table.

Rouletet Strategy 4: If you play online, choose the right table

Do you want to play roulette in an online casino and do you like to bet on the single odds?

Then in some online sweepstakes casinos you will find a live roulette game that is extra favorable: Lightning Roulette by Evolution.

If you bet on a single chance and the zero falls, you lose your money in regular roulette. After all, the zero isn’t red or black, even or odd, nor does it belong in 1-18 or 19-36.

In Evolution’s French Roulette, things are different. If the zero falls there, you get half of your bet on single odds back. That makes a big difference! The house edge on single odds is therefore only 1.35%. This makes Evolution French Roulette one of the most favorable games in the casino for you as a player.

Another tip: if you like to play Lightning Roulette, check out Quantum Roulette as well. Quantum Roulette works almost exactly the same, but the payouts are slightly better.

Rouletet Strategy 5: Don’t think the ball has a memory

There are people who carefully note down which numbers fall on the roulette table. And then decide where to bet based on those numbers. There is nothing wrong with that. If it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt!

What does hurt is the idea that the roulette ball has a memory.

Many players believe that if the ball has fallen on red eight times, chances are that it will fall on black the next time.
Or that if the 0 has not been dropped for a long time, the chances of it dropping soon will increase.

But that’s not how it works in roulette. What happened on the previous spins has no bearing on the spins to come.

Even after red ten times in a row, the chances of it turning black the next spin are as high as the chances of it turning red again.

Every spin again, each number on the roulette wheel has exactly the same chance as any other number.

Predicting roulette from numbers that have fallen before is impossible. Unfortunately.

If you think soberly for a moment, it makes sense. How would the ball remember which numbers have fallen before? And how should the ball know which number or color is “next”?

Rouletet Strategy 6: Use the neighbors

This roulette hint doesn’t increase your chances of winning, but it does make your game more exciting.

Instead of just scattering your chips around among the different numbers, you can bet using the so-called neighbor print.

The neighbor printout shows you exactly which numbers are next to each other on the roulette wheel. If your favorite number is the 17, for example, you can also cover the two numbers to the left and right of the 17: 2, 25, 34 and 6.

This makes it extra exciting to keep an eye on the ball while it is spinning. You see as the ball spins in which area the ball is supposed to fall.

Will it fall just or just not in the area where you have wagered? At least finds this much more exciting than just betting on random numbers and waiting to see where the ball falls.

With the neighbor print you can also cover certain parts of the roulette wheel, for example zero play, big series or small series.

Rouletet Strategy 7: Don’t expect miracles from a strategy

An Internet search yields dozens of roulette strategies. Some are super simple, others extremely complicated.

In one tactic, you bet a third of your budget on red or black each time. In the other, you have to do all sorts of calculations to determine your next bet.

Remember one thing: no roulette strategy is guaranteed to produce a profit. Beating the house is impossible. Every spin, the house edge of 2.70% (or 1.35% if you play French Roulette) applies. No strategy can lower that house edge.

So is it stupid to play according to a strategy? No, because it can’t hurt. The house edge doesn’t get lower with a strategy, but it doesn’t get higher either.

If you like to try out a way of betting or enjoy detecting patterns in the numbers that have fallen, feel free to do so. After all, playing roulette is also about entertainment.

A tip from beware of strategies that require you to double your bets when you lose. The amounts you have to wager can add up very quickly and you quickly run into the maximum bet.

Rouletet Strategy 8: Be careful with alcohol

Alcohol and gambling sometimes seem to go together. Hanging out on the couch at home, playing roulette on your phone or tablet, with a beer or bottle of wine within reach… Or you’re at the roulette table in Holland Casino with a stack of chips and a cool drink. When you win, you toast with your friends…

But if you drink more glasses, the alcohol takes away your sanity and inhibitions. As a result, you wager larger sums than you normally would. And your resolution to take your winnings on time? You don’t think about that anymore.

Various studies show that people who drink alcohol on average lose more money in the casino. In Las Vegas casinos, the booze is free for a reason….

If you do want to drink while playing online roulette, be sure to set a deposit limit. Otherwise, you might wake up the next morning with two hangovers.

Rouletet Strategy 9: Are you playing online roulette? Then choose the right bonus

Almost all online casinos give away bonuses. But if you want to play roulette, in many cases they are of no use to you.

The best casino bonus for slots enthusiasts may be worthless for roulette players. The bonus terms and conditions often state that bets on roulette don’t count, or hardly count, toward clearing a bonus. Sometimes you even lose the bonus altogether if you do play roulette with bonus money.

In most online casinos roulette bets count for 10%, 20%, 30% etc. when clearing your bonus, even in live casino. Just make sure to check the T&C page of the casinos you intend to play. 

Rouletet Strategy 10: Take your winnings in time

Just as it is smart to set a loss limit, it is smart to think about how much you want to win in advance.Taking profits has never made anyone poorer. And nothing is more annoying than losing a good profit because you keep playing too long.

So: think about what profit you are happy with. Is it $30, $400 or $5,000? Only you can decide that.

Also decide what you do once you reach that amount:


  • You stop playing. No one will take that profit away from you.
  • You set aside the money you started with. You then continue playing with your winnings. Even if you lose all that profit again, you are still even.
  • You continue playing with half of your profit, so you always leave the table with a profit.
  • Anything is possible. Choose what feels right for you and stick to it.

What's the difference between normal online roulette and sweepstakes roulette?

There is hardly a difference. Like crypto and normal slots, the difference is in the currency. With normal roulette, we bet with real money, while sweepstakes roulettes accept only virtual currency such as “Sweeps Coins” and “Gold Coins”.

How do you play Roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance where players bet on where a ball will land on a spinning wheel. There are various betting options, including betting on a specific number, color, or group of numbers. To play, place your bets on the designated betting area of the table, and then the croupier (dealer) will spin the wheel and drop the ball. If the ball lands on the number, color, or group of numbers you bet on, you win.

What are the odds of winning in Roulette?

The odds of winning in Roulette vary based on the type of bet you make. For example, betting on a single number has a lower payout but a higher chance of winning, while betting on a group of numbers has a higher payout but a lower chance of winning. The American Roulette wheel, which has two green pockets (0 and 00), has slightly lower odds compared to the European Roulette wheel, which only has one green pocket (0).

What are the different types of Roulette bets?

There are various types of bets you can make in Roulette, including inside bets (betting on specific numbers) and outside bets (betting on groups of numbers). Inside bets include straight-up bets (betting on a single number), split bets (betting on two numbers), street bets (betting on a row of numbers), and corner bets (betting on four numbers). Outside bets include column bets (betting on a column of numbers), dozen bets (betting on a group of 12 numbers), and even/odd or red/black bets (betting on the color or odd/evenness of the numbers).

Is Roulette a fair game?

Roulette is considered a fair game as long as it is played at a reputable casino using a properly maintained wheel. The odds of winning in Roulette are based on the laws of probability, and the results of each spin are determined by chance.

How does the house edge work in Roulette?

The house edge in Roulette refers to the advantage that the casino has over the players. In American Roulette, the house edge is 5.26%, which means that for every $100 bet, the casino can expect to make a profit of $5.26. The house edge in European Roulette is lower, at 2.7%, due to the single green pocket (0) on the wheel.