Play Free Online Sweepstakes Scratch Card Games

Scratch cards are familiar to everyone. The scratch cards are a kind of lottery. The advantage of a scratch card over a lottery is that you know immediately if you have a winning ticket in your hands. Usually you have to scratch open three of the same amounts or symbols to win, but there are different variations on the market. Check the scratch cards games below for free – forever. 

  • Queen of gold scratchcard
    Queen of gold scratchcard
  • Gold rush scratchcard
    Gold rush scratchcard
  • Wolf gold scratchcard
    Wolf gold scratchcard
  • Diamond strike scratchcard
    Diamond strike scratchcard
  • 7 piggies scratchcard
    7 piggies scratchcard
  • Panda gold scratchcard
    Panda gold scratchcard
  • Hot safari scratchcard
    Hot safari scratchcard
  • Pink panther scratch
    Pink panther scratch
  • Avalon scratch
    Avalon scratch
  • Sure win scratch
    Sure win scratch
  • Happy holidays scratch
    Happy holidays scratch
  • Lost vegas survivors scratch
    Lost vegas survivors scratch
  • Lost vegas zombies scratch
    Lost vegas zombies scratch
  • Lucky leprechaun scratch
    Lucky leprechaun scratch
  • Immortal romance scratch
    Immortal romance scratch

Sweepstakes Scratch Card Casinos

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What are online scratch cards?

Physical scratch cards are familiar to everyone. They are available at almost every cigar store and supermarket. Do you save the excitement until you get home? Then you can return to the supermarket through the rain to collect a $1 prize or lose that scratch card you won $100. Many players will recognize these situations.

Those problems are now a thing of the past thanks to scratch cards online. In fact, in most online casinos, you can buy scratch cards. In addition, at many gambling sites, you can try scratch cards online for free or even get free scratch cards that allow you to earn real money by gambling online.

How do you play online scratch cards?

Online scratch cards can be divided into 2 categories. Both of these have their mode of play. There are lottery tickets where you win a prize if you scratch open 3 of the same symbols on 1 payline (i.e., horizontally, vertically, or diagonally next to each other). This can be compared to a winning combination on a payline in an online slot machine. The prize to be won depends on which symbol you scratch open three times on the payline. The chances of winning these lottery tickets are reasonably high, with a payout percentage of 92 to 93%.

There are also digital scratch cards where scratching open 3 of the same symbols is sufficient, regardless of where they appear on the scratch card. Three identical symbols on the card then already mean a prize. Exactly how much you win depends on which symbol you have scratched open 3 times.

Because it doesn’t matter where the symbols are on the scratch card online, the odds of winning here are a lot higher. You can also win as much as 2,500 times your stake. A $10 bet can then yield as much as $25,000. Even scratch cards allow you to win up to $ 1,000,000.

lost vegas zombies scratch cards screenshot

Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch – Game UI

Online Scratch Cards Quick Guide

Want to try out scratch cards in an online casino? Then follow the following 5 steps and start playing.

Choose sweepstakes casino: although playing online scratch cards is easy, choosing the right online casino can take time and effort. Many online casinos offer online scratch cards. However, not all of these are equally secure. Payment methods may be shadowy or invalid SSL certificates. The reliability of a casino is often obscure at a glance.

Create account: once you’ve chosen a secure online casino, creating an account is necessary. Fortunately, this is often a quick and easy task to do. You click on ‘register’, enter your email address and password, leave some personal information, such as your name and date of birth, and register.

Deposit: now comes depositing the money. Several payment methods are generally available to deposit money into your account. Using a credit card, Visa or Mastercard, is widely used and familiar to many people.

Choose your favorite game: now that you have the registration and money deposit behind you, it is time to play. Pick a scratch card and scratch away!

Check winnings: did you win an amount of money? Congratulations! It’s time to enjoy your winnings. You can do this in 2 ways. You bet the amount you won again, or you pay out the winnings. Paying out the winnings can be done in several ways. Check the payout methods of your chosen casino for more information on this.

Bet and Win Payout With Online Scratch Cards

You can play scratch cards online by buying a ticket in casinos. The price of these lottery tickets varies on average between $0.10 and $10. The cost of the lottery ticket is your stake.

Because the prizes to be won depend on your stake (the prize is x times your stake), the higher your stake, the higher the possible winnings. The prizes to be won are usually 1 to 1,000 times your stake. This means that with a bet of $10 per scratch card, you can win as much as $10,000 when you play online.

Playing scratch cards with a strategy

If you want to play an online scratch card game, there are few opportunities to apply a strategy. This is because you have no choices in the game, which you do have when you play a game such as online Blackjack or online Roulette. The only choice you have is to choose a lot. Therefore, before you start playing, find out which lottery ticket is best. You can look at the following characteristics, among others:


  • What is the RTP of the scratch card? 92% to 93% is average. A scratch card with a higher percentage pays out above average.
  • What is the maximum win of the lottery ticket? A high maximum win of 100,000 times your stake can be a mega prize, but remember that this prize falls only sometimes. The variance is higher than the variance of a lottery ticket with a maximum win of 2,000 times your bet.
  • Are there any special features? For example, can you win a free play round or multiplier?
  • What is the stake? Does the lottery ticket have a fixed price, or can you determine the price yourself? And does this fit your gaming budget?
  • What is the hit frequency? In other words, what percentage of lottery tickets yield a profit?
  • The best strategy is to pick a ticket with a high RTP percentage, a variance that suits your playing style, and a ticket price that fits your budget.