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The digital gaming realm is in a constant state of flux, with innovations and new platforms emerging regularly. Among these, Zula Casino, a fresh sweepstakes casino, has carved a niche for itself. Though only launched in 2023 and still in beta testing, Zula Casino has already piqued the interest of global gaming aficionados.

For those who have an insatiable appetite for novel bonuses, a plethora of gaming options, and a transparent mechanism for prize redemption, Zula Casino beckons. Its uncanny resemblance to the famed Fortune Coins casino, especially in terms of design, game variety, and user interface, is noteworthy. This similarity is accentuated by Zula Casino’s foundation on the same platform as Fortune Coins. The brains behind this venture, SCPS LLC, is no stranger to the gaming industry, further adding to Zula’s credibility.

As we navigate through Zula Casino’s offerings, we aim to furnish you with a detailed perspective, equipping you with all the intel you need for a novel gaming escapade. Whether you’re a gaming veteran or a newbie, Zula Casino might be the fresh wind you’ve been waiting for.You can also find more reputable sweepstakes casinos here: Sweeptastic casino, Mcluck, WOW Vegas, Pulsz, Pulsz Bingo, High 5, Fortune Coins, Funrize, stake.us and Luckybird.io.


Pros & Cons

✅ Spearheaded by a renowned US-based entity, SCPS LLC.
❌ Bonus schemes are somewhat modest compared to industry counterparts.
✅ A generous Sweepstake Coins bonus awaits new registrants.
❌ The absence of a mobile application.
✅ Operational in a whopping 48 US states.
❌ Promotional campaigns are fewer in comparison to other brands.
✅ A rich tapestry of slot games, table games, and bingo to choose from.

Is Zula Casino Legit?

Having its inception in 2023 and under the aegis of SCPS LLC, Zula Casino is the new kid on the sweepstakes casino block. While it steers clear of sports betting, it compensates with a smorgasbord of games, spanning slots to table games. For those eager to dive in, Zula Casino facilitates purchases via bank transfers, Visa, and Mastercard. And when the time is ripe for redemption, players can choose between bank transfers or gift cards.

Given its beta status, player testimonials are sparse. Yet, a perusal of its features and available data suggests that Zula Casino is a bona fide sweepstakes platform. For those yearning for a novel gaming experience, Zula Casino emerges as a secure and enticing prospect.

Zula Company Legitimacy


Welcome Bonus for New Players

A burning question for many when encountering a new gaming platform is the availability of a no-purchase bonus. Cutting to the chase: Zula Casino welcomes its novices with 500 Sweepstakes Coins, which translates to $5 upon redemption. This gesture underscores Zula’s commitment to making a memorable first impression and setting the stage for an enriching gaming journey.

Zula Casino Exclusive Offers

Currently, Zula Casino’s nascent status means it doesn’t roll out any welcome packages. However, sporadic Promotions might be on the horizon. Each promotion will be governed by its unique terms and conditions. In the absence of explicit play requirements for Sweepstake Coins in these rules, the website’s overarching agreement will hold sway. For a clearer understanding, players should peruse the Rules Regarding Sweepstake Coins.

Moreover, Zula Casino might sporadically roll out “Exclusive Offers” tailor-made for individual users. It’s imperative that these offers remain confidential and aren’t shared with third parties, especially for dubious reasons like fraud.


Zula Casino Currencies Explained

In line with many sweepstakes casinos, Zula Casino employs a dual currency modus operandi, encompassing Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. For novices, this might seem a tad convoluted, so let’s demystify it.

Gold Coins
Zula Casino’s primary virtual currency, Gold Coins, are essentially free-to-play tokens devoid of real-world value. While players are frequently bestowed with Gold Coins, they can also opt to purchase more. However, it’s pivotal to recognize that Gold Coins are strictly for recreational purposes and can’t be swapped for tangible rewards.

Sweepstakes Coins
This is where the adrenaline rush is. Contrary to Gold Coins, Sweepstakes Coins carry potential value, paving the way for prize redemptions. Direct purchases of Sweepstakes Coins are a no-go. They are typically earned as bonuses when Gold Coins are bought or can be bagged via assorted promotional endeavors. If tangible rewards at Zula Casino are your endgame, amassing and gaming with Sweepstakes Coins should be your strategy.

In a nutshell, while Gold Coins guarantee a risk-free gaming sojourn, Sweepstakes Coins up the ante with the allure of real rewards. This bifurcated system promises both exhilarating gameplay and the tantalizing prospect of genuine prize redemptions.


Gold Coins & Sweepstakes Coins

Gold Coins & Sweepstakes Coins

Redeem Process at Zula Casino

Fortunate players who’ve amassed a sizable cache of Sweepstakes Coins at Zula Casino can look forward to converting these into cold, hard cash. But first, a couple of prerequisites:

KYC Verification: A maiden prize claim necessitates a Know Your Customer (KYC) drill, entailing the validation of personal details such as identity, domicile, contact number, and the designated bank account or payment conduit like:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • AMEX

Minimum Redemption Threshold: A minimum of 1,000 Sweepstakes Coins is non-negotiable for a prize claim.

To put things in perspective, 1,000 Sweepstakes Coins at Zula Casino are tantamount to $10. This conversion metric should be top of mind when eyeing real-world rewards.

Zula Casino Game Selection

Our recent reconnaissance of Zula Casino revealed a treasure trove of over 70 games, with fresh entrants being added to the roster weekly. While this might pigeonhole Zula Casino as “compact” vis-à-vis its peers, it in no way detracts from the gaming experience’s caliber. The casino’s collaboration with a slew of software maestros ensures a gaming repertoire that’s both diverse and engaging.

Their gaming smorgasbord encompasses:

  • All Games
  • Slots
  • Fish Games
  • Additional Genres

Zula Casinos Slot Selection

Zula Casino’s slot alcove is a veritable kaleidoscope, boasting over 50 distinct titles. A discernible trend here is the preponderance of “wildlife” themed games. The crème de la crème of slot titles at Zula Casino currently are:

  • Lucky Panda
  • Caishen of Prosperity
  • Pinup Dolls Risk & Buy

Zula Casino Slot Lobby

Table Games & More at Zula Casino

Zula Casino’s repertoire includes a curated selection of 6 table games and more. The “fishing” genre is represented by “Emily’s Treasure“, while the “Other Genres” segment showcases games like:

  • War!
  • Keno

Game Providers at Zula Casino

Zula Casino’s gaming arsenal is the handiwork of four software luminaries: Relax Gaming, Mascot Gaming, Evoplay, and Booming Games. While proprietary games are par for the course for sweepstakes casinos, Zula Casino, with its curated game collection, also ropes in offerings from these external maestros.

Setting Up an Account with Zula Casino

Embarking on the Zula Casino odyssey is child’s play. Kickstart the process by clicking on the conspicuous “Join Now” tab on their homepage. Key in your email credentials, conjure a robust password, nod in agreement to the terms, and hit “Register”.

Zula Casino will nudge you to peruse your email for a verification link. This email will also be accompanied by an enticing promotional proposition.

Customer Support

Zula Casino’s dedicated customer support brigade stands ready to address your queries and concerns. Should you hit a snag or have a query, make a beeline for your profile settings and click on “FAQ & Support.”

If the help center’s responses don’t hit the mark, you can always reach out via the contact form. Presently, Zula Casino extends support exclusively through this contact form, with live chat being off the table. While the stipulated response window is 24 hours, anecdotal evidence suggests that responses often come in much quicker, a testament to Zula Casino’s commitment to stellar customer service.

Final Thoughts

Zula Casino, the new kid on the sweepstakes casino block, has showcased a plethora of features that make it a compelling choice for gaming aficionados. With its no-deposit bonus, a rich tapestry of games, and the dual currency system, it caters to both casual gamers and those with an eye on real prize redemptions. Its nascent status notwithstanding, its parallels with the Fortune Coins casino and the patronage of SCPS LLC lend it gravitas.

While the lack of a mobile app and limited promotional campaigns are areas ripe for enhancement, on the whole, Zula Casino emerges as a refreshing addition to the digital gaming realm. Its unwavering commitment to customer service, even in the absence of live chat, further burnishes its credentials. If a novel gaming experience is what you’re after, Zula Casino beckons.


What's the Welcome Bonus at Zula Casino?

Newbies are greeted with 500 Sweepstakes Coins, which translates to $5 upon redemption.

Does Zula Casino have a mobile app?

No, as of now, Zula Casino doesn’t offer a mobile app.

How can I redeem prizes at Zula Casino?

Post KYC verification and once you’ve amassed a minimum of 1,000 Sweepstakes Coins, you can opt for redemption via bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or AMEX.

What's the distinction between Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins at Zula Casino?

Gold Coins are purely for recreational purposes and carry no tangible value. In contrast, Sweepstakes Coins pave the way for real prize redemptions.

How can I touch base with Zula Casino's customer support?

Zula Casino’s support team can be reached via the contact form on their portal. Live chat, however, is currently not on offer.